Thursday, December 22, 2022

How to Change Padlet Notification Settings

Last week Padlet released an update to their notification system. The updated system gives you more control over which notifications receive and how you receive them. You can receive them via email or through push notifications. In this short video I demonstrate how to change your Padlet notification settings. The video also shows you how to get early access to new Padlet features. 

Video - How to Change Padlet Notification Settings

Applications for Education
I think the new option to get notifications whenever a student adds a post or comment to a wall that you've created for your classroom could be great. Rather than having to manually check to see if students have made submissions outside of classroom hours, you can now be notified when they try to add to a wall you've created for your class.

For ideas on using Padlet in your classroom, take a look at this playlist of ideas and tutorials.

My Five Favorite Features of Canva Documents

A couple of weeks ago Canva opened the public beta of their new Documents tool. I've previously highlighted Docs to Slideshow conversion tool within it and the AI writing feature within Canva Docs. Those are two of my favorite features of Canva Docs. 

In this new video I highlight some other great features including the ability to insert your existing projects into your documents and the ability to embed Google Maps into your Canva Documents. 

Video - My Five Favorite Features of Canva Documents

Applications for Education
Inserting previously creating slideshows, videos, and maps into a document could be a convenient way for students to create small collections of examples of their best work throughout a semester. The same publishing tools that you find for all Canva projects are available in Canva Documents. That means your students could publish their documents as simple web pages that showcase examples of their best work.

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