Tuesday, January 31, 2023

75 Google Documents Tutorials

Last week I published a new tutorial about how to add footnotes to Google Documents. After publishing it I decided that it was time to continue on my quest to bring some better organization to my YouTube channel. The next step in that quest was to create a playlist of my Google Documents tutorials. 

I didn't add every video that I've ever made about Google Docs to my new playlist. I only included the ones that are relevant today (the ones that were 14 years old got left out). That still left 75 Google Docs tutorial videos. You can binge watch all of them right here or take a look at the highlights that I've embedded below. 

Ten Google Docs Editing Features You Should Know How to Use

How to Add Shapes and Drawings into Google Docs

Two Ways to Add Watermarks to Google Docs

How to Convert PDFs to Google Docs and More!

How to Use Inline Emojis in Google Docs

How to Download Google Docs

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