Wednesday, January 25, 2023

How to Clean-up Image Backgrounds in Canva Designs

Last week someone reached out to me after watching my original video about using Canva's image background removal tool. She was having a little trouble because the automatic background remover was leaving a few patches of the original image intact. To help, I recorded a new video that demonstrates how to clean-up the parts of the image that Canva doesn't automatically remove. 

Video - How to Clean-up Image Backgrounds in Canva  

Applications for Education
One of my favorite ways to use Canva's background remover is to remove the background from an image of yourself and then put a new background in its place. I put an image of Mount Everest in the background of my picture. One way to use this with students is to have them place themselves in front of landmarks of the world then write about their virtual visit to those landmarks.