Sunday, January 8, 2023

Dozens of Tutorials for Getting Started With Google Forms

In a video that I made last week I mentioned that the vast majority of my videos don't get more than a few hundred views. But there are some outliers. The biggest outlier is my simple video about the basics of creating a quiz in Google Forms which has received nearly half a million views. That's just one of more than forty Google Forms tutorials available on my YouTube channel

On my YouTube channel and in my playlist of Google Forms tutorials you'll find tutorials for everything from the basics of making a quiz in Google Forms to adding voice comments to Google Forms and a whole bunch other things in between those extremes. Some highlights from the playlist are linked below. 

The Basics of Creating a Quiz in Google Forms

How to Import and Copy Questions One Google Form to Another

Add Voice Recordings to Google Forms Questions, Answer Choices, and Feedback

How to Collect Pictures Through Google Forms

How to Use Custom Fonts in Google Forms

How to Add Alt Text to Images in Google Forms

Eight Tutorials for Getting Started With Microsoft Forms

This post was inspired by a former colleague of mine who reached out to me for some help as she transitions from a school that uses Google Workspace to one that uses Microsoft Office 365. Specifically, she was concerned about losing access to Google Forms and whether or not she could use Microsoft Forms for the same purposes. Fortunately, the answer is that you can do just about all of the same things with Microsoft Forms as you can with Google Forms. 

If you find yourself using Microsoft Forms for the first time or you just want a refresher on what's possible with Microsoft Forms, the following tutorials are for you. 

How to Create a Self-grading Quiz in Microsoft Forms

How to Create a Timed Quiz in Microsoft Forms

How to Convert Word Documents and PDFs Into Microsoft Forms

How to Use Branching Logic in Microsoft Forms

How to Use Videos in Microsoft Forms Quizzes

How to Include Videos in Microsoft Forms Response Feedback

How to Use Microsoft Forms to Collect Files

How to Quickly Sort Microsoft Forms Responses by Completion Time

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