Monday, January 9, 2023

Students Can Create Their Own Video Games With Construct 3

Construct 3 is a video game creation platform that students can use to develop their own games. The games students can create with Construct 3 aren't simple quiz-based games like many other platforms offer. Instead Construct 3 offers students an opportunity to create games that might remind you of some classic video games like Mario Brothers, Zelda, or Space Invaders.

Construct 3 uses a visual programming language and a drag-and-drop interface. Students don't need to have prior programming knowledge in order to create a game with Construct 3. That's partly due to the nature of the Construct 3's game development environment and partly due to the excellent tutorial that students are guided through the first time they try Construct 3. Construct 3 also offers many game templates that students can copy and modify to suit their needs.

Games that students create on Construct 3 can be played online and can be played offline. Likewise, the Construct 3 game development environment can be used online or offline.
Applications for Education
Beyond the obvious fun factor of students making their own games, there are a couple of aspects of Construct 3 that make it appealing for classroom use. First, the visual drag-and-drop nature of Construct 3 makes it accessible to students who don't have prior programming experience. Creating a game can be a could introduction to some important programming and game development concepts. Second, for students who do have some prior programming experience, Construct 3 does include options for development via Javascript while still being able to refer back to the comfort of a block interface.

How to Convert Google Forms into Microsoft Forms

Yesterday I published separate collections of tutorials for using Google Forms and for using Microsoft Forms. But what if you are transitioning from a Google Workspace environment to an Office 365 environment and don't want to recreate all of your forms from scratch? There is a solution to that problem. 

In the new video that I have embedded below you can see how to convert a Google Form into a Microsoft Form. As you'll see in the video, the process isn't perfect but it beats the heck out of having to re-create everything from scratch. 

Video - How to Convert Google Forms Into Microsoft Forms

Couldn't watch the video? No problem. Here are the highlights:
  1. Use the print menu in Google Forms to create a PDF of your form.
  2. Save the PDF to your desktop. 
  3. Open Microsoft Forms.
  4. Use the import PDF option in Microsoft Forms. 
  5. Edit any formatting errors that Microsoft Forms made when converting your PDF.

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