Wednesday, January 11, 2023

I'm Feeling Lucky - Around the World With Google Earth

Google Earth is one of my all-time favorite tools for teaching geography and history lessons. Two of my favorite ways to use Google Earth in the classroom are outlined below. 

From voyages to games to simple measuring tools, the web version of Google Earth has a lot of neat features that can help students learn about the world. One of those neat features is the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button that is found on the left hand toolbar in Google Earth. Clicking that button will take students to a randomly-selected place in the world. 

On its own the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button provides a good way for students to discover new places. That said, students learn more through the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button  if you give them a little more direction than just "click the button and look around." That's why I created a little question sheet to prompt students to do a little research about the places they discover in Google Earth via "I'm Feeling Lucky." My question sheet can be found here as a Google Doc

This short video demonstrates how students can explore Google Earth in more detail after clicking "I'm Feeling Lucky."

The Amazing Race is the only reality game show that I've watched with interest for as long as it has been on television. Years ago I created a classroom game based on the same premise of the show. Last spring I updated that game with some new graphics and new challenges and then published it as a PDF on

Recording a Google Earth tour is the capstone activity in Around the World With Google Earth. There are a couple of ways that students can do that. Students who are using the desktop version of Google Earth can use the built-in recorder. Students who are using the web version of Google Earth can use a screencasting tool like Screencastify to record a tour

In this short video I demonstrate how to record a Google Earth tour in your web browser by using Screencastify. 

A Quick Tip for Using the Same Color in Multiple Canva Designs

Canva has lots of helpful design tools for students and teachers. Some of those are fairly obvious while others are a bit hidden and easy to overlook. One of those that's easy to overlook is the color hex code field in the color palette selection tool. Once you know how to use it, you might never overlook it again. 

The hex code field in Canva makes it easy to make sure you use the exact shade of a color between multiple designs or multiple elements within the same design. For example, let's say I've found a really nice shade of green that I want to use in three parts of my design. I could try to use the color selector and hope that I get it exactly right each time. Or I could copy the color hex code from the first part of the design and then paste it into the other parts of the design. Watch this video for a demonstration of how to use the color hex code field in Canva.

Video - A Quick Tip for Using the Same Color in Multiple Canva Designs

You can learn much more about Canva in my playlist of more than 50 Canva tutorial.