Tuesday, January 24, 2023

45 Digital Mapping Tutorials

This month I've been spending some time organizing the tutorial videos on my YouTube channel. To that end I'm creating playlists that are organized thematically. The latest playlist that I've created is titled Digital Mapping. The playlist currently contains 45 tutorial videos covering more than just Google Maps. In the playlist you'll find tutorials on things like NatGeo Mapmaker, Felt Maps, USGS map tools, making animated maps, and much more. Some highlights from the playlist are embedded below. 

The Practical Ed Tech Newsletter

Between social media and email it can be hard to keep up with everything going on in the world of ed tech throughout the week. That's why nine years ago I started the Practical Ed Tech Newsletter. Every Sunday evening/ Monday morning I send out my favorite tip of the week and summary of my most popular posts of the previous week. 

Weekly Newsletter

In my Practical Ed Tech Newsletter I also usually include a personal note like the fun I had in my 171 year old attic or I make fun pop culture reference like "were Ross and Rachel really on a break?" The Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week newsletter is also where I usually publish handouts like my guide to finding classroom-friendly media before I publish it anywhere else. 

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