Monday, February 6, 2023

Lesson Plans for The State of Union Address

Tomorrow night President Biden will give the annual State of the Union Address. C-SPAN Classroom offers more than one hundred resources for teaching and learning about The State of the Union Address in historical and current contexts. If you don't have time to review all of the resources that C-SPAN Classroom offers (honestly, who does?), then just jump to this lesson plan

Lesson Plan: The State of the Union Address features a short video about this history of The State of the Union Address and three short clips of past addresses. There are guiding questions and a note-taking chart for students to use while watching the clips. For those of you who plan to have students watch all or part of President Biden's 2023 State of the Union Address, the lesson plan includes templates for note-taking, a bingo board game to play while watching The State of the Union Address, and a list of guiding questions. 

Applications for Education
One of the things that I appreciate about C-SPAN Classroom's Lesson Plan: The State of the Union Address is that it provides students with some historical context while also providing guidance for helping students identify current topics of importance to the country.

50% Off 50 Tech Tuesday Tips

In late 2021 I published 50 Tech Tuesday Tips. A huge thank you to everyone who purchased a copy. Sales of that eBook helped me keep Free Technology for Teachers going throughout 2022. 

Unfortunately, like almost all books about educational technology, 50 Tech Tuesday Tips was always going to have a relatively short shelf life. Technology changes quickly and therefore books about it need to be updated regularly. I'm working on an updated version to release in March. Until then I'm offering the current version at 50% off for the rest of February. Use this link to get the discount. 

Video - 50% Off 50 Tech Tuesday Tips

Use this link to get 50% off 50 Tech Tuesday Tips.

How to Add Video Playlists to Google Sites

In this week's Practical Ed Tech newsletter I wrote about preparing for some workshops that I'll be leading this spring and summer. Creating resource pages is one of things that I always do in preparation for leading workshops. Those resource pages always include some video tutorials that people can refer to after the workshop if they need additional help.

Google Sites makes it easy to create resource pages that include playlists of video tutorials. In this short video I demonstrate exactly how to do that and how to include individual videos in Google Sites pages. 

Video - How to Add Videos and Playlists to Google Sites