Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Lumen5 - Quickly Turn Your Writing Into Videos

ChatGPT might be the first thing you think of when you read AI today, but there have been plenty of other AI tools before it. One such tool is Lumen5. Lumen5 is a tool that will produce a video for you based upon your written work.

To create a video with Lumen5 you can enter the URL of your published work or submit the text of an article you've written. Lumen5 will then select highlights from your writing to feature in a video. The video will always begin with the title of your article. From there it will use any subheadings or section headings that you have in your article to create sections of your video. If you don't have subheadings or section headings in your article, Lumen5 will attempt to pull the keywords or phrases from each paragraph. Watch my demo below to see how easy it is to use Lumen5. 

Video - How to Quickly Turn Written Articles Into Videos

Applications for Education
Using a tool like Lumen5 can be a good way for students to create a visual summary of reports they've written. Tools like Lumen5 are also good for quickly creating a video of morning announcements for your school. Anyone who has a written list of the announcements could use Lumen5 to quickly create a video summary that is then shared on your school website or projected on screens in common areas like cafeterias in your school.

By the way, the article that I used in demo video above can be read here.

How to Search Within Desktop and Mobile Pages

How to search within documents, web pages, and spreadsheets is one of the first things that I teach to students at the start of a new semester or new school year (for year-long courses). It's a simple thing that can lead to more efficient use of time spent on research. Over the weekend a reader emailed me for clarification on how her students could search within web pages on their tablets and phones. I recorded this short video to demonstrate how that is done. 

Video - How to Search Within Desktop and Mobile Pages

Applications for Education
Searching within a large web page, a document, or a spreadsheet can be a good way for students to find small pieces of important information residing within them. For example, students conducting genealogical research may come across PDFs of scanned journals. By using CTRL+F or the "search within" function students can quickly determine if a particular name appears in the document and where it appears in the document. Another good use of searching within a page is in computer science when students need to locate one small piece of code in a large page of code. 

Enroll in my self-paced course about search to learn even more about search strategies students need to know. 

Three Self-paced Courses You Can Start Today!

Throughout the year I host a variety of live Practical Ed Tech webinars. Many of you have joined me for them this year and in prior school years. But my timing of those webinars doesn't work for a lot of you. That's why I also offer some self-paced courses over on Practical Ed Tech. Here's a quick overview of the three self-paced courses that I'm currently offering. 

Animated Explanations!
This five-part course teaches you everything you need to know to create and teach with your own animated explanations. In the course you’ll learn why the process of creating animated explanations is valuable to your students and to you. You’ll learn how to make everything from a simple one-frame animation to a complete animated video. Click here to learn more and get started today!

Search Strategies Students Need to Know!
Based on my most popular webinar, this ten-part course guides you through essential search strategies for students of all ages. More importantly, it provides you with activities to duplicate and or modify to use in your classroom. Click here to get started today!

How to Create & Sell Your Own Digital Products
In this four-part course you’ll learn how to create and sell eBooks, webinars, video courses, lesson plans, and more! And I’ll help you promote your new products! All of the course material is delivered in a series of four weekly emails. Each lesson includes written materials, templates, and video tutorials. You can email me all of your questions as you go through the course. And at the end you can book a one-on-one Zoom call with me! Click here to learn more and get started today!

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