Wednesday, March 29, 2023

An Interactive Simulation of Greenhouse Effect

PhET was one of the resource that I featured in this week's Practical Ed Tech newsletter. Shortly after hitting send on that newsletter I learned about a new simulation that PhET now offers. 

The latest PhET simulation is about the greenhouse effect. The simulation can be used to help students understand the effect of greenhouse gases and clouds on sunlight, infrared radiation, and surface temperature. And students can use the simulation to compare and contrast the behavior of sunlight and infrared radiation. 

Like most PhET simulations, the Greenhouse Effect simulation can run on nearly all platforms including iPads and Chromebooks. There are also options to use it offline and to include in your own web pages as I've done below. 

Have a Chat With Hundreds of Historical Figures

Hello History is a new AI app that I wrote about last week. Almost immediately after I published my blog post about Hello History I started to get questions about it. To address a bunch of those questions, I created the short video overview that is embedded below. 

Video - How to Use Hello History to Chat With Historical Figures

Applications for Education
Hello History does give a bunch of disclaimers before you use the app including a reminder to fact-check the accuracy of any claims made in the chat. 
The app could provide an interesting way for students to learn about the lives of a wide range of historical figures. Before having students use the app, I would ask them to think about what they think a chosen character will say in response to their questions.

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