Sunday, April 2, 2023

Big and Small Contest

As I've shared in the past, Instructables is one of my favorite places to find inspiration for fun, hands-on STEM projects. On Instructables you'll find directions for all kinds of neat projects including things like automatic plant watering systems, automated LED lighting systems and alarms, and more Arduino and Micro:bit projects than you can shake a stick at.

This spring Instructables is running four contests that you and your students can enter. One of those contests is called the Big and Small Contest. The contest asks participants to design something big or small, put it together, and share the directions for making it. You can take something that is normally small and make it big or take something that is normally big and make it small. The entry deadline is May 8th. The top prize is a $500 Amazon gift card.

Whether you enter the contest or not, the concept of the Big and Small Contest is a fun one that you can use in your makerspace or similar setting.

Magic Eraser - Quickly Clean Images in Canva

One of the many new features that Canva has released in the last week or so is a new image editing tool called Magic Eraser. This little tool makes it quick and easy to remove imperfections and other unwanted things from your photographs. For example, in my demonstration video that is embedded below I removed the logo that is embroidered on my jacket. 

Video - How to Use Magic Eraser in Canva

Applications for Education
The obvious use of Magic Eraser to remove imperfections and to remove private information from images used in your presentations and teaching materials. Another possible use is to create before and after pictures for comparison purposes like little visual riddles. 

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