Thursday, May 4, 2023

Blurring Faces and Two Dozen Other YouTube Tips for Teachers

Earlier this week I took a few hours off from work to go see a play at my daughter's elementary school. Doing that reminded me that we're getting to part of the school year that tends to have a lot of special events. Many of those are events that you or someone in your school will want to record and share online. 

YouTube is the obvious place to share videos of special school events. However, there are some things to consider before you post those videos on YouTube. For example, you may need to blur some faces in the video before publishing it. You may also want to hide the video from search results. How to do those things is and much more is covered in my playlist of 25 YouTube tips for teachers right here on my YouTube channel. Some highlights from the playlist are embedded below. 

How to Customize Page Headers in Google Sites

Yesterday morning I answered an email from a reader who was looking for advice on how to make the page titles stand-out on her Google Site. What she was referring to was the list of page titles in the header of the site itself. 

For years Google Sites didn't offer many customization options that would let you make your page headers stand-out. Fortunately, that has changed in the last couple of years. In the current version of Google Sites you can use the theme editor to customize to your heart's content. 

In the short video that is embedded below I demonstrate how you can customize the header of the pages on your Google Site.

Video - How to Customize Page Headers in Google Sites

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