Tuesday, May 16, 2023

A World of Musical Explorers

I wrote about this neat resource a couple of years ago. A recent post on the Maps Mania blog prompted me to revisit it. 

Carnegie Hall hosts some excellent online instructional resources for music teachers. One of those resources is called Musical Explorers Around the World. Musical Explorers Around the World is an interactive map designed to introduce students to musicians, instruments, and music from around the world. 

To use Musical Explorers Around the World students simply have to click on one of the large placemarks on the map. When clicked, each placemark reveals a musician or two from that place, the music they make, and the instruments they use. Each placemark contains a video featuring the musicians explaining a little bit about themselves and their music. Each of the placemarks on the map also contains audio files to listen to full songs performed by the musicians on the map. 

Applications for Education
Musical Explorers Around the World is part of a larger collection of instructional resources hosted by Carnegie Hall for music teachers. Each of the placemarks in the map contains links to lesson plans that are appropriate for introducing elementary school students to terminology and concepts like rhythm, harmony, and melody.

I think that Musical Explorers Around the World could be a great resource to have students explore on their own or as part of a group activity in which they investigate questions about why instruments and music develop and are different based on geography. 

A New Google Bard Feature

Bard is Google's alternative to ChatGPT. If you haven't tried it yet, watch this video that I made in March and then give it a try. 

The newest feature added to Bard makes it easy to quickly transfer the transcript of your Bard chat into a Google Document. All you need to do is simply click the new export button and then choose "Google Document." Once you've exported your Bard transcript to Google Docs you can then use all of the Google Docs editing and collaboration tools that you'd use with any other document. 

Watch this short video to see the latest Google Bard feature in action. 

Take a look at this post for fifteen more resources and tips on using AI in education. 

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