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Monday, December 29, 2008

Four "Year-In-Review" Quizzes

It's the time of the year when major news outlets create year-in-year slide shows, videos, and quizzes. I shared some year-in-review slide shows last week. Larry Ferlazzo and Jeffrey Hill have assembled some good lists of year-in-review slide shows that you should check out. Today, I found some year-in-review quizzes worth checking out and sharing with your students.

MSNBC has put together a twenty-five question year-in-review quiz that they call the Super Tough 2008 News Quiz. The quiz has a good mix of US news stories and international news stories.

News Day's 2008 Trivia Quiz is a twenty question quiz about US news with a sprinkle of entertainment/ pop-culture questions thrown in.

The BBC offers a short, ten questions, quiz about international news stories. The BBC's In Pictures section is also a good place to find week-in-review and year-in-review image collections.

Info World has put together a twenty-five question quiz centered around technology news stories. This quiz might be a good resource for people that teach computer courses.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Interactive Look at 2008 in Review

When students return to school after this vacation we will be in the year 2009. The first day back to school might be a good time to have students look back at some of the biggest stories of 2008. Here are three places to find "year in review" activities including some interactive quizzes and timelines.

MSNBC, as I shared last week, has some excellent year in review slide shows featuring pictures and cartoons for news, sports, and entertainment. Within the last week MSNBC has added a bunch of additional year-in-review resources including quizzes and videos. One of my personal favorites from MSNBC is the Top Viral Videos of 2008.

CBS News has put together some excellent resources for reviewing the year in news, sports, and entertainment. On the CBS 2008 in Review site you can find quizzes and timelines that students can use independently. You will also find audio, video, and pictorial reviews of 2008. Were it not for the occasional, annoying pop-up ads for "health products" this would be my top pick for year in review resources.

CNN, in addition to the Student News Semester-In-Review, has a number of videos reviewing the year in news, sports, health, science, and entertainment. CNN has also aggregated the top iReport videos of the year. iReport is CNN's citizen journalist page.