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Friday, December 18, 2015

The Best of Free Technology for Teachers - Survey Results

Last week I posted a Google Form in which I asked readers of Free Technology for Teachers to vote for their favorite ed tech tools. At midnight last night I closed the survey and Google Forms compiled the results for me. Below are the tools that were the most popular in each category.

Video creation: 
iMovie for iPad (free with new iPads) won by a slight margin over Animoto and WeVideo.

Audio creation/ editing:
SoundCloud came out on top. That one surprised me a bit. It is also interesting to note that this is the category that received the fewest overall votes.

Creative Commons/ Public Domain Image Sources:
Flickr - The Commons took 26% of the votes while Photos for Class and Pixabay took 20% and 18% of the votes respectively.

Digital Portfolios:
Google Sites took this category in a landslide with 37% of the votes. The closest competitors were SeeSaw and Weebly which had a combined 36% of the votes.

Blog/ Website platform:
Blogger took this category with Google Sites and Weebly not too far behind.

Quiz / Formative Assessment Tools:
It wasn't much of a surprise to me that Kahoot was the top vote getter in this category. Everywhere I go people rave about how much they love Kahoot.

Teacher-Parent-Student Communication Apps:
Remind had nearly 50% of the votes and crushed the competition in this category.

Other/ Write-ins:
This was a space for folks to suggest tools that might not have fit in another category. In this section HSTRY was written more than any other tool. The comments in the form spoke to the versatility of HSTRY as folks wrote about using it as an assessment tool, a portfolio tool, and as a timeline tool.

The complete spreadsheet of results is available here.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

One More Day to Cast Your Votes for the Best Free Technology for Teachers

Last week I put out a call to cast your votes for your favorite free ed tech tools. I'll close the form at midnight (Eastern Time) tonight and publish the results tomorrow. If you haven't voted yet, please take a minute to vote in the form below.

Seven categories are included in the form. Please scroll down the form to see all categories and tools.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Create Interactive Year-in-Review Timelines

Last week I shared directions on how to interactive year-in-review videos. Another fun way to have students review the year is to have them build interactive timelines. They could even include their interactive videos within their interactive timelines. There are two tools that I like for building interactive timelines, HSTRY and Timeline JS.

The video is from HSTRY's extensive student guide.

In the video embedded below I provide a short demonstration of how to create a multimedia timeline on Timeline JS.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cast Your Vote for the Best Free Technology for Teachers of 2015

Usually at this time of the year I publish a list of my favorite apps and websites. The problem with my list is that it's based mostly on views of blog posts and informal feedback from participants in my workshops (I'll come to your school). This year I'm looking for your help in building the list of best apps and websites.

If you have a favorite app or website, please vote for it in the Google Form embedded below. Seven categories are included in the form. Please scroll down the form to see all categories and tools. I'll publish the final results next Friday.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How to Create Interactive Videos

In one of yesterday's posts I suggested creating interactive year-in-review videos with your students. This morning my inbox contained at least five emails from folks who wanted to know a bit more about that process. I like to use to create interactive videos. In my Wideo videos I can build interactive buttons that viewers can click to learn more about anything they see in my videos. In the video embedded below I provide an overview of how to create interactive videos on Wideo.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Create Interactive Year-in-Review Videos on Wideo

As the end of the year approaches we will start to see a lot of year-in-review news videos. Many of those videos will be simple montages of images set to music. Your students can do the same thing using any number of free video editing tools. If they use they can make their videos interactive. allows you to create videos with images that you upload to the site and or use imagery from their galleries. You can insert interactive buttons into each frame of your video. The buttons can be hyperlinked to any webpage that you like. When people are watching your video they can click the buttons to be taken to the webpage you want them to land on.

Applications for Education
Students could use Wideo to create year-in-review videos about news stories. Have them use Wideo's interactive buttons to link to complete reports about each news story that they include in their videos.