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Thursday, November 10, 2011

7 Billion Actions - The Stories Behind 7 Billion People

7 Billion Actions is a campaign of the United Nations Population Fund to build awareness of the challenges and opportunities that accompany our growing global population. One element of the 7 Billion Actions campaign is a set of population data analysis tools for the public. The 7 Billion Actions Explore Your World tools enable users to compare demographic, economic, and social data sets related to population change. The video below provides a demonstration of one of the ways that you can use the Explore Your World data analysis tools.

Another aspect of 7 Billion Actions that teachers may want students to explore is the Stories section in which people all over the world can share their stories related issues of population change.

The campaign resources section of 7 Billion Actions has a handful of videos addressing issues related to population growth. One of those videos is embedded below.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Where Are You In the 7 Billion? Find Out Here

Earlier today, I posted a couple of resources from NPR and National Geographic for teaching students how the world's population grew to 7 billion and what that means for the world. Just a few minutes ago I discovered another neat resource dedicated to the topic of the population reaching 7 billion.

The World at Seven Billion is an interactive resource from the BBC that you can use to determine approximately when you were born relative to the other seven billion people on Earth. To find out what your number is, just enter your birthday and press "go." Your number is determined using the UN Population Fund's data.

The World at Seven Billion can also be used to see how quickly your country is growing or shrinking by the hour, day, and year. The World at Seven Billion also provides life expectancy data based on your home country.