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Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to Put a Video Editor on Your School's Website

In Making Videos on the Web I included directions for using the web-based video editor JayCut. That guide was designed for average computer-using classroom teachers, not computer science folks who enjoy tinkering. Therefore, in my guide I left out the fact that JayCut's API is free and allows you to put the JayCut video editor on your own website. Using their API you can install JayCut's video editor on your PHP-based website. Last week JayCut posted step-by-step directions for installing their video editor on your website. JayCut says you can do this in five minutes, but that assumes you have better coding knowledge and skills than I do (which is to say you have some skills).

Applications for Education
If your school district has the personell and technical resources to install the JayCut editor on your school's website, you could have a great, free, cloud-based video editor. This could mean that your students could work on video creation projects from any Internet-connected computer regardless of which operating system they're using.