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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Explania Video - What's New in Windows 7

Has your school recently upgraded to Windows 7? Is it planning to upgrade to Windows 7? If so, the following video from Explania might help you or those who come to you for help discover some of the new handy features in Windows 7. 

What’s new in Windows 7? - Explania

On a related note, for a few reasons I've been contemplating the purchase of a new Windows-based 15"-16" screen laptop. I'm often desirous of more screen real estate than my MacBook (13") or netbook (10") offer. I could just get a big monitor to plug into, but I really don't want another piece of furniture in the house nor do I have a good place to put something like that (all of my work away from school takes place at my kitchen table, on the couch, or on the road). Occasionally, I come across programs that are Windows-only that I want to try on screen bigger than that of my netbook. Finally, as much as I'd like to think that Mac OS is awesome, I know there are a lot of people and institutions that don't agree. Therefore, I feel that I should be more familiar with Windows 7 than I am now.

This Asus A52F-XE2 Laptop (Amazon link) seems like it would fit my budget and needs, but I'd like to hear from the Windows experts out there. Will I be disappointed with it for that price? I won't be using it for any heavy video editing or gaming (unless you count the occasional word game), mostly it will be used for writing, browsing the web, and Google Earth layer building.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Net(book) Effect on Professional Learning

As some readers know, my school recently deployed nearly 1300 ASUS Eee PC netbooks to our students. This is an exciting time at our school because the creation of a 1:1 environment is leading to some excellent conversations amongst colleagues about what we're doing in our classrooms.

Last Thursday at a workshop run by two excellent educators from South Portland, Maine I spent the day with some of my colleagues (all from different departments) talking about what we were doing in our classrooms and how we can integrate various web-based technologies into our instruction. The first part of the workshop was an introduction to basics of what teachers can do with blogs, wikis, and websites. After the introduction some of my colleagues were very focused on asking questions like, "do I want to make a blog, a website, or a wiki?" Rather than attempting to directly answer the question, I used a tip I got from Marco Torres and asked my colleagues what they were doing in their classes right now. Based on those conversations we were able to determine if a blog, wiki, or website would best help them meet their classroom objectives.

I truly believe that the best lessons are developed through the exchange of ideas with colleagues. The workshop my colleagues and I attended was a great excercise in sharing ideas and learning from each other. Since my colleagues and I received the official announcement that netbooks were going to be distributed to our students, the sharing of ideas between colleagues has been one of the better immediate gains of 1:1 computing.