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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Explore the Google Cultural Institute

The Google Cultural Institute launched 42 new online historical exhibitions yesterday. The new exhibitions feature images, documents, and artifacts from some of the most significant cultural events of the last one hundred years. The exhibitions are built as interactive slideshows that you can scroll and click through to discover the artifacts and stories.

Applications for Education
The new historical exhibitions in the Google Cultural Institute and to some of Google's other resources like the World Wonders and Art Project. These resources can be used to spark a student's curiosity about a topic. As a supplement to your lessons these resources are excellent too.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Only Existing Film Images of Anne Frank

Thanks to a no-show by Time Warner Cable on Saturday morning I was without Internet access at home all weekend so I may be the last blogger on Earth to have seen this video clip of Anne Frank. The video is believed to contain the only film images of Anne Frank. The video was uploaded to YouTube by the Anne Frank Museum.

Applications for Education
The video could be valuable for anyone teaching lessons on WWII and the Holocaust. The film, recorded in 1941 according to the Guardian, represents the time in Frank's life before going into hiding. One simple activity you could do with this video is ask students why recording this film wouldn't have been possible later in Frank's life.

Some of the many places where I saw this video include:
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