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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Explore the Sounds of the Symphony at Arts Alive

Arts Alive is an educational website produced by Canada's National Arts Centre. Arts Alive is divided into three main sections; music, theatre, and dance. I recently spent some time exploring the music section of Arts Alive.

In the music section of Arts Alive there is a feature called the Instrument Lab. In the Instrument Lab students can click on an interactive map of an orchestra stage. Students can click on a section of the stage to view and hear the instruments in that section.

The Music Activities and Games section of Arts Alive gives students the chance to compose a short piece using a drag and drop interface. The same section also offers an instrument identification game and a composer identification game.

Applications for Education
Arts Alive offers a selection of resources for teachers. That selection includes downloadable play-along recorder music and lesson plans for teaching about Mozart's and Beethoven's compositions.