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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cram Adds Audio Support for Their Online Flashcards

Cram is an online flashcard service that I've featured a couple of times over the years. On Cram you can search through a database of more than 50 million online flashcards. As you browse through the flashcards you can add them to sets that you create and store in your account. This week Cram added audio support to the service.

Cram's audio support is found in the new text-to-speech function. To use this feature students simply click on the audio icon to activate the audio feature. A fairly natural-sounding voice gives precise pronunciations for the words on each flashcard. Students can opt to hear the front, back and hint on each card. Audio support is available in eighteen languages.

Applications for Education
The new audio support option on Cram makes it a good tool for students who need help remembering how to pronounce new-to-them words.

I mentioned above that Cram offers access to more than 50 million flashcards (their count, not mine). It that database doesn't have what you're looking for you can create your own flashcards on Cram and still use the audio support option. Cram gives you tools to create your own flashcards. You can create flashcards on an individual basis or in a group by importing a CSV file.