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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

AutoMastery Google Forms Add-on

AutoMastery is a new Google Forms Add-on that was created by Mary Ellen West, a technology coordinator from Georgia. This add-on allows you to automatically differentiate assignments for students based on the score they receive on a Google Forms quiz.

As the teacher, you will set a mastery score and a beginner level score. Students who score at or above mastery will receive a link to an extension activity. Students who score at or below the beginner level will receive an assignment that is designed to fit their needs and help them build the necessary skills to move to the progression level. Students who score above beginner but below mastery will receive an assignment that is designed to bring them up to the mastery level. All assignments will be sent to the students through an automated email.

When you go to install the AutoMastery add-on, you will more than likely see a warning message that says the app has not been approved by Google and to only install it if you know and trust the developer. This is just a glitch that will be worked out soon!

Once installed, you will need to configure AutoMastery. During this step you will set the mastery and beginner scores and add the links to the three different assignments you have selected.

Applications for Education
Administering a quiz, sorting the scores, then trying to make sure students get the correct assignment takes a lot of time! This add-on automates all of those tasks so teachers can spend time facilitating and following up with students who need extra help. This add-on has the potential to be used by teachers across grade levels and subject areas.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

If This Then That - Automate Routine Tasks

If This Then That is a helpful website for automating many routine online tasks. If This Then That helps you automate tasks like saving your Pinterest pins to your Evernote account, setting text alerts for calendar events, and sending email attachments directly to your Dropbox account. There are thousands of formulas, "recipes" is what IFTTT calls them, available in the gallery of recipes. The recipes are all contributed by the community of IFTTT members and you can contribute too. You can browse channels of recipes that are based on the use of popular services like Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote, Instagram, and Google Drive. Click here to see the hundreds of recipes that incorporate Google Drive functions.

Applications for Education
I don't know of any teachers who couldn't use a little more time in their days. If This Then That won't give you more time in the day, but the recipes could help you automate some tasks and free up time for other things in your day.

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