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Thursday, December 26, 2019

My Favorite New & Updated Tools in 2019

The end of the year is just five days away so I've put together a short list of my favorite new and updated tools in 2019. You can watch my video overview of these tools, take a look at the slides, or read more about them below. This is a highly subjective list not subject to any scientific or editorial review process and no company mentioned on this list paid to appear on it.

You can learn more about all of these tools and find tutorials on how to use them on my YouTube channel. is the platform that I'm using to produce the Practical Ed Tech Podcast. It makes it super easy to distribute my podcast to all of the major podcasting networks including Google Play and Apple Podcasts.

Slido is a new service that makes it easy to insert interactive quiz and poll questions into your Google Slides presentations.

VidReader will create a transcript of any YouTube video that contains spoken English. Transcripts are both printable and hyperlinked with timestamps.

Canva released a slew of updates to close out 2019. Included in those updates is a new video editor and a new tool for removing the background from any image. Best of all, teachers can get all of the pro features of Canva for free at

Padlet has been a staple in my menu of tools throughout the decade! This year Padlet added a new multimedia mapping tool.

The web version of Google Earth received from much-needed updates this year including the addition of new geography games. The best update though was the addition of a tool for making multimedia placemarks and tours. The web version of Google Earth still lags behind the desktop version, but it's improving.

In 2019 Google Slides finally got a native audio feature! Now you can add audio to your slides without having to use any third-party add-ons or weird workarounds.

Canned responses was one of the new features that was added to all Gmail / G Suite email accounts this year. I use this feature a lot when answering questions from students and parents.

Glide Apps just might be my favorite new tool of 2019! With Glide Apps anyone who can make a Google Sheet can make a working mobile app. It has been a hit everywhere that I've demonstrated it this year. Glide Apps is one of the tools that I'm featuring in my updated Teaching History With Technology course starting in January.

ClassTools has been on my go-to list of resources throughout the last decade. In 2019 ClassTools added some new game templates and an interactive image generator template.

Educandy is a new game creation service that appeared on my radar this year. My blog post about it proved to be one of the most popular of the year.

BoClips is an educational video service that I discovered back in January. It offers millions of educational videos without all of the distractions typically associated with YouTube yet contains content licensed from some of the most popular educational channels on YouTube.

Last, but not least, Microsoft's Immersive Reader tool is making more tools and resources accessible to more students than ever before. Immersive Reader has been integrated into dozens of tools from Microsoft and third-party services. Immersive Reader provides read-aloud functions as well as other reading supports like font spacing and enlargement, line focus, and syllable highlighting.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Best of the Web - The TLA Edition

Greetings from the Austin, Texas airport where I'm waiting for a flight home after a great three days at the TLA annual conference. I gave three presentations and ran two workshops during the conference. The last of my presentations ended just a couple of hours ago. The room was packed (I was worried about the fire marshal shutting us down) as I shared the latest version of my Best of the Web presentation. This one was different than the others that I have recently shared because it was designed with teacher-librarians in mind and it included some resources that I haven't even written about on this blog, yet. Check it out as embedded below.

A huge thank you to all of the kind folks who came to all of my presentations this week. And especially to those who came up to me after my sessions for selfies or to just say hello. Getting to meet so many passionate teachers and librarians is always the highlight of a conference for me.

If you're interested in the other things that I shared at TLA, you can see them here.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Webinar Recording - Best of the Web 2019

This afternoon I hosted a free webinar in which I highlighted some of my favorite new and updated ed tech tools. During the webinar I gave brief demonstrations of Google's VR Tour Creator, Synth for podcasting, Bouncy Balls for monitoring noise, and programming augmented reality experiences through Metaverse. The webinar also included short demonstrations of Mozilla's Goggles tool, a Chrome extension to keep you from visiting Facebook too often, a tool for making animated GIFs, and how to virtually place yourself in front of any landmark.

If you missed today's Best of the Web webinar, you can now watch the recording on my YouTube channel or as embedded below.

The slides used in the webinar are embedded below.

Many of the tools featured in today's webinar will be featured in greater detail in the series of Practical Ed Tech webinars that I'm hosting in April

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Free Webinar Tomorrow - Best of the Web 2019

The last few Wednesdays I have hosted a live Q&A session in which I answer questions from you, my awesome readers. Tomorrow, I'm going to mix it up and instead of hosting a live Q&A I'm going to host a free live webinar featuring the highlights from the latest version of my Best of the Web presentation.

The webinar will be held tomorrow at 4pm ET and will run for roughly 35-40 minutes. You can register for tomorrow's Best of the Web webinar right here.

It will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live presentation. The recording will be posted on this blog on Thursday. You do not need to email me to get the recording.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Best of the Web - Spring 2019 Edition

This morning at the 2019 MACUL Conference I gave the latest edition of my popular Best of the Web presentation. It includes some of my old standbys as well as some new tools. A few of the new things in the presentation include YouHueVR Math, and Bo Clips. Some of the old standbys have updates that I talked about during the presentation but don't convey by just looking at the slides, sorry. You can view the slides here or as embedded below.

If you'd like to have me give this or another presentation at your conference or PD day, please get in touch with me here