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Saturday, December 10, 2022

New Base Map Options on Felt

Felt is a new digital mapping tool that I've featured a few times in the last month because I think it is fantastic alternative to Google's My Maps and the web version of Google Earth for creating custom maps. In fact, I like it so much that I demonstrated it in my Best of the Web 2022 webinar. The next day Felt sent out an email announcing new base map options. 

The new base map options on include a set of default maps that you can pick from to apply to your custom map. You can customize those base maps by turning some of their features on or off. There's also a new option to customize the color scheme of your base map on Felt. All of the new base map options are demonstrated in my new video that is embedded below. 

Applications for Education
One of the reasons that I like Felt is that it is far easier for students to use to create custom maps than Google's My Maps is to use for the same purpose. Felt includes more, easy-to-use customization tools than My Maps includes. For example, students can quickly customize a map on Felt by picking any of the data layers to have automatically applied and then use the drawing and highlighting tools to annotate their maps. Watch the videos that are embedded below to learn more about how to use Felt.

Video - Felt Offers a Great Way to Create Custom Maps

Video - Two Cool Mapping Tools on

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Best of the Web 2022 - Webinar Recording

Yesterday afternoon I hosted a free webinar in which I shared my favorite new edtech tools of 2022 and some old favorites that had significant updates in 2022. Nearly 200 people registered for the webinar but only 25 actually joined the live session. That told me two things. First, people will sign up for anything if it's free. Second, there are at least 175 people who are interested in the recording of the webinar. 

The recording of Best of the Web 2022 is now available to view on my YouTube channel or as embedded below. 

Video - Best of the Web 2022 Webinar Recording

Best of the Web 2022 by richardbyrne

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Free Webinar Next Wednesday - Best of the Web 2022


Tomorrow the calendar turns to December and many of us will start to think about the year that was. One of the things that I do every December is take a look back at all of the new and updated educational technology tools that I tested throughout the year. I'll put all of my favorite ones into one presentation that I'll share with all of you. 

Join me one week from today for a free webinar titled Best of the Web 2022. I'm hosting it live at 3:30pm ET on December 7th. Register here! Come to the webinar to see my favorite new and updated tools in action. 

The webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend the live presentation. The recording will be posted on Free Technology for Teachers the next day (December 8th).