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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Everything CK-12 - Open Resources and More

The CK-12 Foundation provides teachers and students with some excellent resources including Flexbooks, study guides, interactive math and science simulations, and even an online whiteboard platform.

This Wednesday CK-12 is hosting a free webinar about all of the open resources that they offer. In the webinar you will learn how to locate, save, and share resources in the CK-12 library. You will also learn how to assign work to students and track their progress through CK-12's LMS platform.

If you cannot attend the live webinar tomorrow, you can always visit CK-12's YouTube channel to learn more about the tools and open educational resources that they offer. Embedded below you will see CK-12's playlist of videos all about electricity.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Learn How to Create CK-12 FlexBooks In a Free Summer Course

Yesterday, I shared the news that CK-12 is once again running a summer math and science program for students. This evening I learned that CK-12 is offering a summer program for teachers too.

CK-12's Jumpstart Your Curriculum is a six part course for teachers who want to learn how to create great CK-12 FlexBooks. FlexBooks are digital textbooks that you create and customize to meet the specific needs of your classroom. The course includes the option to join a community of other FlexBook creators and collaborate with them. The image below outlines the six parts of the course which begins on June 20th.

You can register now for CK-12 Jumpstart Your Curriculum. The registration process takes less than minute and is completely free.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CK-12 Announces the Top Flexbooks of the Year

The CK-12 Foundation's FlexBook tool allows teachers to develop their own multimedia textbooks. Those books can be shared publicly with the CK-12 community. This CK-12 released a list of the most used FlexBooks of the year.

This year's five most used CK-12 FlexBooks are Biology Concepts, Chemistry Concepts, Life Science Concepts for Middle School, Physical Science Concepts for Middle School, and Earth Science Concepts for Middle School.

If you would like to try developing your own FlexBooks, the tutorials embedded below will help you get started.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to Create and Edit Flexbooks Online

Earlier this year I shared a nice tutorial that Gladys Scott produced about creating CK-12 Flexbooks. This morning I Google+ I saw that Gladys has released two new tutorials on the same topic. Her new tutorials cover how to create and how to edit CK-12 Flexbooks. The videos are embedded below.

Applications for Education
Tools like CK-12 Flexbooks can be very useful for producing reference materials that are tailored specifically to your curriculum and your students' needs.

Monday, February 25, 2013

CK-12's "Get Real" Contest Gives Students a Chance to Win iPads and More for Their Classrooms

Last week I received an email from CK-12 that announced their new Get Real competition. The Get Real contest asks students to create presentations (videos, PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi are all acceptable) that demonstrates how a STEM concept included in CK-12 materials applies to the real world. CK-12 gives the example of using the concept of congruent triangles to build pyramids. Students can work individually or in groups. The winners of the contest will receive their choice of 25 iPads, Chromebooks, Nooks, or Kindles for their classroom. Read all of the contest rules and details here.

One of CK-12's core features is Flexbooks. Flexbooks are multimedia digital books that teachers can assemble to exactly match what they teach. The video below, produced by Gladys Scott, demonstrates how to create a CK-12 Flexbook for mathematics.