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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CNN Rewinds 2011

In my last blog post I shared YouTube's year in review resource YouTube Rewind 2011. Here are a couple of serious year in review videos from CNN. Each video includes dates, a quick narration, and some news video clips of each event highlighted in the video.

Part I - The first half of 2011.

Part II - The second half of 2011.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Reminder - CNN Student News Is Back

I posted this last Monday, but I'm reposting it because I know that a lot of teachers (like me) are going back to school this week which means that they're also getting back into the habit of reading education blogs and websites. CNN Student News is a daily web show highlighting a handful of stories. The stories covered by CNN Student News range from traditional serious news topics to how-to stories appealing mostly to students to light and fun stories. As a social studies teacher every week I find at least a couple of stories from CNN Student News that I can work into my curriculum. CNN Student News provides printable maps and a daily news quiz to go along with each episode.

Today's episode of CNN Student News covers the controversy surrounding the plans to build a mosque at Ground Zero in New York. The episode also covers the economic impact of the floods in Pakistan.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

365 Days in 30 Seconds

This year CNN iReport issued an interesting challenge to amateur video artists, sum-up your year in thirty seconds. The deadline for submissions has passed, but that doesn't mean you can't challenge your students to sum-up their year in a thirty second video. You could challenge students to create a summary of their personal lives or what they learned in school in 2009. Any of these free resources could be used by students to create videos about the year. The video below contains some of the contributions to CNN iReport's 365 Days in 30 Seconds challenge.

Update: The link to video creation tools that I originally posted was incorrect. It is fixed now. Thanks Gia.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Three Year In Review Presentations

Today is the last episode of CNN Student News for the year. The show will return after the new year. The second segment of today's show features an overview of the key news stories of the first semester of the school year. Today's episode is embedded below.

CNN also has an interesting year in review video featuring their international reporters. In the video the reporters share what they thought were the most important and or most interesting stories from their part of the world. That video is embedded below.

Finally, CNN has a slideshow featuring the images from important news stories in the US and around the world.

Applications for Education
Teachers who use current news events as a part of their curriculum may be interested in using these videos and the slideshow as the jumping off point for further review of the year's top news stories. A quick activity before holiday vacation could be to have students view the videos and identify a story that they would like to investigate further. After they investigate that story they could put together their own short videos about it by using a service like Masher.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Texting and Too Much Salt?

The third segment of today's episode of CNN Student News discusses the amount of salt in many restaurant meals. The segment contains a short interview with a doctor from American Heart Association.
The second segment of the episode features a report on states that are banning texting while driving.
Both of these segments could be the impetus for a classroom conversation about the role of government in the lives of citizens. Over the course of the last five years my ninth and eleventh grade students have always enjoyed public policy discussions when the policy is about something, like texting and fast foods, that is dear to their hearts.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

CNN iReport - Are Your Schools All They Could Be?

iReport, CNN's video depot for citizen journalists, is looking for opinions about public schools. The iReport assignment reads "The Obama administration has pledged to reform the country’s school system and we want to know where you think they need to focus their attention. Are your schools all they should be? Show us what needs work."

Applications for Education
Creating a video response to the iReport class project could be a good way to get students to think about what they would do to improve schools. Some iReport videos are selected for use on CNN News. Knowing that a high quality video could be used by CNN may motivate students to put forth their best, thoughtful efforts.