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Thursday, November 19, 2009

YouTube Now Auto Captions Videos (Kind Of)

Today, Google announced a new video captioning option for YouTube. Starting today, YouTube will use Google's automatic speech recognition technology to caption videos uploaded by users. Initially the service will only be available to a select group of YouTube users. That group includes organizations like PBS and National Geographic. And for now the auto captioning will only be in English.

Although auto captioning isn't available to everyone yet, there is a new captioning option that is available to all YouTube users. YouTube has added an automatic caption timing option which should make it much easier to caption your videos. Using the auto-timing option users will be able to upload a text document of the captions they want to use and the captions will be placed appropriately by using Google's automatic speech recognition technology.

The video below shows you how the new auto caption options should work.

Applications for Education
When it becomes available to everyone, YouTube's automatic captioning service will be a great help to anyone that needs to provide subtitled videos to their students.

DotSub and Caption Tube also offer good options for subtitling videos in any language. You can read about those options here.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Two Good Options for Subtitling Videos

All of the big tech blogs were buzzing about Caption Tube yesterday. Caption Tube is a new service designed to make captioning YouTube videos an easier and more accurate process. Using Caption Tube you can create captions for your own videos or for any other video that you find on YouTube. The editing tools for Caption Tube includes a timeline to help you match your video's images to the captions that you create. You can choose the duration of time for which each caption is displayed.

DotSub has been around for a while, I've written about it in the past, and it is still a great tool for subtitling videos in any language. The difference between DotSub and Caption Tube is that on DotSub you can have other users contribute to the subtitling process.

Applications for Education
DotSub and Caption Tube could be great tools for foreign language teachers, ESL/ EFL teachers, and teachers of students with hearing impairments. Foreign Language teachers could have students find their favorite short YouTube videos or TeacherTube videos to transcribe into the language that they are studying.

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