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Thursday, November 11, 2021

How to Create Live, Subtitled Translations of Presentations

One of the questions we answered during this afternoon's session of Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions was, "I want to be able to translate my class discussions into Spanish in real-time and project that to a small group of students in my music class that do not speak English. Is that possible?" The answer is yes, that is possible. The way to do that is to use an often overlooked feature of PowerPoint. 

The web browser version of PowerPoint has a built-in subtitle and translation feaure. To use it you simply choose the language that you are speaking in and choose the language in which you want subtitles to appear. With this feature enable it's possible for me to speak in English and my subtitles to appear in Spanish, French, Icelandic, or dozens of other languages. 

In this video I demonstrate how to generate live, translated subtitles for your PowerPoint presentations.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

How to Generate Captions for Any Video

YouTube will automatically generate captions for almost any video that you find. Likewise, it will automatically generate captions for videos that you upload to your account. That's great if you want to use YouTube. But if you have a video that isn't on YouTube and you need to display captions with it, there is a solution built into Chrome. 

In Chrome you can enable captions for any video that is played on a webpage. This will work with videos that are embedded into websites and will even work with videos that are played from your Google Drive. In this short video I demonstrate how to enable captioning in Chrome. 

Applications for Education
Enabling captions for videos that you display in your classroom (whether online or in-person) makes the content accessible to all students. Even students who you might not think need the captions enabled can benefit from having the captions displayed on screen. That is particularly true when the speaker in a video is pronouncing a difficult word or a word that is hard to hear clearly. 

Friday, December 18, 2020

Save the Captions from Your Google Meet Calls

CaptionSaver Pro for Google Meet is a new Chrome extension that launched on Product Hunt earlier this week. CaptionSaver Pro does two important things for Google Meet users. First, it will automatically turn on captions when you start or join a Google Meet call. Second, it will automatically create a text file containing the captions. That text file can then be downloaded to your computer or sent to your Google Drive. 

The free version of CaptionSaver Pro for Google Meet will capture the transcript of the captions and then you have to manually save the transcript. The paid version will automatically send the transcript to your Google Drive as a text file. 

Applications for Education
CaptionSaver Pro for Google Meet could be a good extension for anyone who needs to have a record of what was said during a Google Meet call. The marketing for CaptionSaver Pro for Google Meet indicates that in the near future there will be an option to have timestamps corresponding to the transcript.