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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Worried About Students Being Off-task? Watch This

I've seen Alfie Kohn vs. Dwight Schrute floating around the edu-blog-o-sphere for the last few weeks, but I finally took a few minutes to watch it today after Tara Weegar posted it on Facebook.

Almost every time I talk at schools or conferences about 1:1 computing environments, I'm asked questions along the lines of "how do you make sure the students are staying on task when you can't see their screens?" For the last few years my response to this has been, "I try to make sure that the assignments I give are engaging." If I design lessons and give students assignments that are engaging, the instances of students going off to a website or task that isn't productive is low. I'm not perfect and sometimes my lessons and assignments aren't as engaging as I hoped they'd be. Those are the times when students get off task.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Challenge Your Students With One of These...

The high school that I teach in is located directly across the street from a community college. Our students are lucky because the community college allows our seniors to take courses for free. This is a great way for some students to challenge themselves and get sense of what it is like to take college course. Most high schools around the world aren't located across the street from a college and therefore have to find other avenues for providing challenging curriculum to their seniors.

One way to provide challenging courses to students is to work through a college course online. Another method for challenging students would be to use the freely available curriculum and syllabuses available from universities like MIT to conduct your course for advanced high school students.

Open Culture has published a great list of free, challenging courses covering a wide range of topics from philosophy to physics. Open Culture also has a list of courses available on iTunes. If you're looking for a resource to challenge your most advanced and motivated students, check out the course lists on Open Culture.