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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Connected Educator Month - Interviews and Events #ce15

October is Connected Educator Month. This year MindRocket Media Group is the exclusive global media partner for Connected Educator Month. MindRocket Media Group will be producing original video, audio, and written interviews with connected leaders in education. Some of those interviews are already available on the Connected Educators blog.

Connected Educator Month is more than just consuming ideas, it's about sharing ideas. Throughout the month there are many opportunities for educators to connect and learn from each other. Take a look at the Connected Educator Month schedule of events to find an opportunity for you to get involved in the sharing and learning.  If the events schedule doesn't work for you, just use #ce15 on social media to get involved and connect with other educators.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Networked Student - Video

Alec Couros posted this great video on his blog, Open Thinking & Digital Pedagogy. If you aren't subscribed to Alec's blog, I highly recommend reading it and subscribing to it. Every time he posts something, I learn something new about teaching in our digital age.

Applications for Education
This video could be a great aid for teachers trying to convince school administrators to open up access to the Internet from school. The explanation of how students can learn through connections is straight-forward and hard to argue against. The video should also open some eyes to the concepts of connected learning.