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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Video Resources for Constitution Day

Constitution Day in the United States is on this coming Monday. By law all schools receiving federal funds have to offer some type of instruction about the Constitution. Yesterday, I shared a couple of interactive resources that can help students learn about the U.S. Constitution. Here are a couple of video resources for teaching and learning about the Constitution.

Keith Hughes offers a long playlist of videos that he has made to address questions that students often have regarding the U.S. Constitution. His playlist includes an overview of the Constitutional Convention, videos about each section of the Constitution, and videos about most of the amendments to the Constitution. I've embedded the playlist below.

The National Constitution Center offers an online program called the Constitution Hall Pass. The Constitution Hall Pass is a series of videos mostly featuring scholars discussing elements of the Constitution and issues relating to it. There are also a few "discussion starter" videos that are intended to get students thinking about how the Constitution can have a direct impact on their lives. I know from experience that this Freedom of Expression video and accompanying questions will get high school students talking.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Help Students Explore the U.S. Constitution With This Interactive Site

The Constitution Center's website is a great resources for U.S. History teachers that I learned about from Ken Halla. The Constitution Center's website features the U.S. Constitution divided into easily searchable sections. From the main page you can select and jump to a specific article or amendment. What I really like about the site is that you can choose an issue like privacy, civil rights, or health care and see how those issues are connected to the Constitution.

Applications for Education
The Constitution Center offers an extensive list of lesson plans for each of the Constitution's articles and amendments. Select an article or amendment then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the lesson plans. Alternatively, you can find all of the lesson plans listed here.

If you find this resource useful, consider participating in the course Teaching History on the Web that Ken and I will be teaching later this month. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Constitute - Search, Read, and Compare Constitutions

Google and the Comparative Constitution Project have launched a new site called Constitute. The site hosts the constitutions of 160 countries. You can search the site according to country and or constitutional theme. Searching by constitutional theme is the best aspect of the site. More than 300 themes are outlined on the site. Select a theme then a country and the element of that country's constitute addressing your chosen theme will be highlighted. You can pin parts of the constitutions to compare them to each other.

Applications for Education
Constitute could be a fantastic resource for lessons in comparative government. You could have students work in groups to compare and evaluate a set of constitutions thematically. To go a little deeper the students can look at the history of a country and the events that influenced the formation of its constitution.