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Friday, June 26, 2015

Otus Releases an Updated Online Learning Environment

Last summer I reviewed an excellent online learning environment called Otus. The first time that I saw it I was impressed by the functions that it offered. Since then Otus has steadily added more features and this week released a completely revamped web interface for teachers.

In addition to a more intuitive user interface some of the features of the updated Otus platform that jumped out to me include real-time analytics updates, third party app integration, easier seating chart movements, and easier recording of information. The improved analytics menu updates and recalculates as you record information about your students. This is true whether you're recording behavior and attendance information or you're recording scores from assessments.

Admittedly, it had been a while since I tried to update my student roster in Otus. When I went to update it today I found it was easier than before as I simply dragged and dropped student names into place on my seating chart.

Otus now allows you to integrate select third party applications into your account. A couple third party applications of note are Khan Academy and OpenEd. OpenEd offers thousands of math and language arts practice assessments aligned to Common Core standards.

If you're looking for a new online course management system to use in the next school year, give Otus a try. I think you will be impressed by the capabilities it offers.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Easyclass - A Free Multilingual Online Course Management System

Easyclass is a newer entry into the online course management market. When it comes to user interface, Easyclass lives up to its name by being quite easy to use. I was able to create a course in Easyclass in less than five minutes and at no point in that time was I wondering what to do next.

On Easyclass you can host classroom discussions, post assignments, post resources for students, and deliver online quizzes to your students. To get started on Easyclass you create a class and either invite members or tell all of your students to visit the site and enter a class ID code. As you are viewing your class in Easyclass select "discussions," "quizzes," or "assignments" to share with your students.

Easyclass discussions and assignments allow you to post notes to the whole class. Assignment notes include due dates. Discussion notes don't include due dates. Both types of notes can include file attachments and links.

Through the quizzes option in Easyclass, you can create multiple choice, true/ false, or essay quizzes. Pictures can be included with your quiz questions. You can make instant feedback available to students at the end of the quiz (except for essay questions). Quiz scores can be sent directly to your Easyclass gradebook.

Applications for Education
If you don't currently have your course materials online and or don't have an online discussion component to your courses, give Easyclass a try. I'm particularly impressed by the ease of use for first-time users.

Easyclass is available in six languages; English, French, Turkish, Italian, Romanian, and Arabic. I spoke to one of the developers at BETT this week and asked him about the translations. He said that they are not using the Google Translate API to offer Easyclass in six languages. Rather they are having six versions of the service coded by native speakers.

The video below provides an overview of some of the best features for teachers and students.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Schoology - Online Course Management

Schoology is an online course management system for individual and school-wide use. Schoology offers an online place to create assignments, post assignments, collect assignments, converse with students, track attendance, and maintain a gradebook. Schoology also offers teachers a platform for creating a course blog. The premium features of Schoology, which include layered privacy settings and student account management, are currently being offered to teachers (individual license, not school-wide) for free. If you sign up now, Schoology says that you will always have access to the premium features at no cost.

Applications for Education
I have not used Schoology with my own classes (my district mandates the use of Infinite Campus), but it does look like it could be a good system for teachers whose schools do not offer an online course management system.