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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weather vs. Climate - A Crash Course for Kids

A few months ago I published a list ten good resources for teaching and learning about weather. We are getting drenched with rain in Maine today so it's a good day to share another item that can help students learn about weather.

Crash Course Kids recently released two videos about weather. The first, Weather vs. Climate, introduces students to the differences between the two terms. The second video, Severe Weather, explains what causes severe weather and what differentiates severe weather events from normal weather. Definitions and examples of each type of severe weather event are included in the video.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Crash Course for Kids on Weathering & Erosion

A couple of months ago the producers of the popular Crash Course channel on YouTube started a Crash Course for Kids channel. Crash Course for Kids offers overviews of various topics (mostly science) through the use of greenscreen visuals and a lot of talking. Weathering and Erosion is the topic of one of the more recent releases on Crash Course for Kids. In the video students will see a comparison of Cape Cod's coastline in 1984 and 2014. That image combined with the commentary does a great job of showing students the effects of erosion.

Applications for Education
Like a lot of people this spring I've been spending time working on landscaping my yard. One of my projects has been to build terraces to slow erosion on my lot. After watching Weathering and Erosion: Crash Course Kids ask your students to find and take pictures of examples of erosion and erosion prevention measures in their neighborhoods.

You could also continue the lesson with Shape It Up. Shape It Up is one of many good educational games and activities on Kinetic CityShape It Up is an activity that would be good for use in an elementary school Earth Science lesson. The activity presents students with "before" and "after" images of a piece of Earth. Students then have to select the force nature and the span of time it took to create the "after" picture. If students choose incorrectly, Shape It Up will tell the student and they can choose again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Crash Course and SciShow for Kids

Crash Course and SciShow are massively popular YouTube channels offering interesting and educational content for adults and older teens. Unfortunately, many of the videos on both channels include snarky or satirical comments that are questionable for some classrooms. And all of the videos are at a pace that is way too fast for a lot of of middle school or elementary school students. The producers of both channels seem to have come to the same realization as evidenced by the recent launches of Crash Course Kids and SciShow Kids.

Crash Course Kids and SciShow Kids use the same format as their older counterparts. They provide a broad overview of various topics through the use of greenscreen visuals and a lot of talking. The ones that I've watched so far are still a bit too fast-paced for my liking so your students might have to watch them a second time and or pause them to digest the content as they go. I've embedded a video from each channel below.