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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Credo Reference - Research Starters for Students

Credo Reference is a good reference site for students that I recently learned about from David Kapuler. Credo Reference provides students with reference articles from more than 4,000 reference books. In that regard Credo Reference is a search engine for encyclopedia entries.

There are a few features of Credo Reference that teachers will appreciates. First, all articles returned in a search provide students with an option to hear the text read aloud. Second, every article is accompanied by a list of related terms and links to those related articles. Finally, every article has a pre-formatted citation listed at the bottom. Students can copy and paste that citation to use in their works cited pages.

The basic Credo Reference search and the functions highlighted above are available to anyone visiting the website. Libraries that subscribe to the Credo service can unlock additional tools for students.

Applications for Education
Credo Reference could be a good tool for students to use at the start of a research project. The reference articles can provide students with a quick overview of a topic that they can reference as they dive deeper into their research. The list of related topics provided with each Credo Reference article could help some students choose a sub-topic or focus area for their research on a broad topic.

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