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Monday, September 7, 2009

This We Know - Government Data About Your Town

This We Know is a search engine for US Government data about your community. To find data about your community simply enter your community's name or enter your community's zip code. This We Know draws its data from Some of the data that you will find include the number of factories in a community, rate of violent crime, and demographics.

Applications for Education
This We Know could be the starting place for a student research project comparing communities. Students can compare communities and then present a case, based on the data, for which community they would most like to live in.

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How Americans Spend Their Time Makes Raw Government Data Accessible

Friday, May 22, 2009

Data.Gov Makes Raw Government Data Accessible is a source of raw data sets generated by the various agencies and departments of the US government. Some of the agencies providing data on that may be of particular interest to educators are the National Center for Education Statistics, National Science Foundation, and the US Census Bureau. is still in development and search options aren't as polished as I would like, but is still a potentially useful database.

Applications for Education could be useful in any high school content area that teaches statistical analysis. In particular, I can see environmental data being used in an Earth Science classroom and data from the Economic Research Service could be used in an economics or business course.