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Saturday, November 14, 2009

6 Ways for Students to Publish Their Writing Online

In the course of a school year, most teachers will have students produce written content that they think should be shared with other readers. Other times teachers create writing projects with the goal of having students share their work publicly. The web offers many ways to publish written work, the following are six of my favorite free options.

Google Docs and Zoho Writer are the probably the simplest tools for publishing written work to the web. In both cases you can create and share all of your works without leaving the program. Google Docs allows to publish your documents as a webpage. You can then email url or post the url on your blog or website. Zoho Writer provides an extra option which generates an embed code for your documents. Using the embed code will allow people to read your documents without having to leave your blog or website. By the way, if you're not familiar with Zoho Writer check out the video included in this post.

Scribd and DocStoc are similar services that can best be described as YouTube for documents. You cannot create documents within either service rather you have to upload documents created with your preferred word processing program. Both services accept all of the common Microsoft formats, Open Office and Neo Office formats, and PDFs. Once you've uploaded your document it will be assigned a url and given an embed code. You can use the embed code to feature your documents on your blog or website. You can see how I've used DocStoc in the past by checking out this post.

If your students do any projects involving newsletter or magazine creation, you owe to them to check out Yudu and Issuu. Both services allow users to turn their static documents into page-turning online documents. To use the services simply upload your documents and select the visual effects that you want your documents to have. With out any special skills, your students' work can take on a very polished, professional look that they will want to show-off. You can embed the finished products into your blog or website. To see an embeded Yudu publication visit this post. To see a stand-alone Yudu document, please click here.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two Guides for Constructing a PLN

One of the most popular posts of the week was the updated version of my blog post Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter. I've heard from a number of people thanking me for the tips included in that guide. But if you're on Twitter and you want to expand your PLN (personal learning network) beyond Twitter, consider trying the tools and tips in my guide How to Build a PLN.

Both of these guides were originally published as Google Docs presentations, but I've also put them on DocStoc for those that would prefer a vertical-scroll presentation. Anyone is welcome to download, reuse, and remix these guides responsibly.

Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter

Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter -

How to Build a Personal Learning Network

How to Build a Personal Learning Network -

Sunday, September 13, 2009

By Request - Easier Download of 12 Essentials...

Since I published Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration on June 1, 2009 it has viewed and downloaded at least 7500 times. Because I've given permission to print it and distribute it through schools, it has probably been viewed many more times than the 7500. I know of at least one school where the principal gave copies to all of the teachers.

I published Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration using Yudu. Yudu creates that awesome page-turning effect for a publication. The only drawback is that when you download from Yudu you download a zip file. Some people don't like downloading zip files and in those cases I've email PDF copies to those folks. Recently, I put a copy of Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration on DocStoc. DocStoc doesn't have that cool page-turning effect, but it does have an easy PDF download option. So if you'd like a PDF copy of Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration, you can now find with a quick visit to DocStoc.

Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration -

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three Reflective Journal Forms Found on Docstoc

Today, Twitterer gwoodill posted a link to a reflective journal form on Docstoc. Docstoc is like YouTube for documents. After looking at the reflective journal form posted by gwoodill, I did a little searching for other reflective journal forms appropriate for student use and found a couple. You can view all three forms here, here, and here. I have embedded one of the forms below.

Reflective journal - Get more College Essays

Applications for Education
These forms vary in complexity with the one above being appropriate for elementary school and middle school use and the others being suited for older students.

Docstoc, as well as the similar Scribd service, is a good place to find a wide variety of outline and flow chart forms to be used as teaching materials.