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Friday, October 27, 2017

Resources for Family and Consumer Science Teachers

This is a collection of resources for FACS teachers. It includes links to professional organizations, lesson plans, grants, and more.

  • American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences- Professional organization that provides leadership and support to students and professionals from both multiple practice settings and content areas.
  • FamilyConsumerSciences- Website that is full of ideas on a wide range of topics including child development, foods and nutrition, interior design, life skills, and clothing.
  • NASCO FCS Lesson Plans- Over 3 dozen lessons aligned to national FCS standards.
  • FCS Livebinder- Collection of resources related to FCS.
  • FACS Exploration- Home Economics curriculum for students in grades 7 & 8 from the Utah Education Network.
  • FCCLA- Resources, lessons, grants, contests, store, and more. 
Here are some additional FACS resources that have appeared on Free Technology for Teachers: 

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