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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Write - A Minimalist Writing Platform

Write is a free writing platform with the simplest design of all of the minimalist writing platforms that have popped-up in the last couple of years. On Write you simply choose the length of time that you want to spend writing then start writing. Write Surge will show a countdown timer in the right hand corner of the screen. Other than that, you don't see anything else on the screen. Write until time expires then save your work in your browser or download a Write file that you can then upload and edit again later.

Write doesn't have any formatting tools at all. You can't change fonts, insert pictures, or even insert hyperlinks. The user interface is designed to focus you on your writing and that's it.

You don't need to have an email address or create an account to use Write. In fact, there is not even an option to create account.

Applications for Education
Write could be a good little tool for creative writing students who could benefit from "writing against the clock" to get themselves started when they claim that they "can't think of anything to write."

One of the things that you could do with Write is have students choose the one minute countdown and try to write a quick story starter. When the minute is up have them share their story starters with the class. The process of sharing the story starters can help all of the students in the class generate ideas for their next fiction stories.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Playfic - Write and Read Interactive Stories

In the past I've shared tools and ideas for creating choose your own adventure videos. Now I'd like to introduce you to Playfic for creating choose your own adventure text-based stories.

Playfic is a tool for creating text-based, choose your own adventure stories. Playfic is based on Inform7 which use "if, then" logic to allow anyone to create their stories. When authors plan and write their stories they can include multiple paths for readers to pursue as they progress through their stories. Readers navigate through the stories by entering directional commands such as "go north" and "go south." Click here to try a sample story and learn a bit about the logic of Playfic.

Applications for Education
Learning to navigate through existing stories on Playfic is relatively easy. Learning to formulate a story from scratch on Playfic will take some time because it does force you to not only plan your story, it also forces you to think about logic commands and how your readers will navigate through your story. For that reason I love the ideas of having students use Playfic to create and share stories with each other. Writing stories on Playfic requires creativity and logical reasoning. While writing their stories students can click on a preview. If studetns have errors in the logic when they click on the preview Playfic will point those out and explain the errors so that the errors can be corrected.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Word Tamer - An Interactive Story Builder

Word Tamer is a neat site for learning the process of developing characters, settings, and plots in creative writing. Word Tamer is set up as an interactive journey through a carnival of literary devices. As students move through the carnival they develop characters, develop a setting, and develop a plot for their stories. At each stop in the Word Tamer carnival students can print out the words they have written. Along the way there are videos to help students understand the roles of characters, settings, and plot development in crafting a good story.

Applications for Education
I learned about Word Tamer from Kristen Swanson who noted that the narration and graphics make the site UDL-friendly. I think that Word Tamer has potential to get reluctant writers started on their way to crafting creative stories.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Folding Story - Collaborative Fiction Writing

Folding Story is a relatively new website where people can collaboratively create short stories. Folding Story users can start a story from scratch or contribute to stories started by others. Users can contribute to multiple stories and track those stories' developments in their account dashboards. Folding Story users can invite their friends to join their stories through email or Facebook Connect.

Applications for Education
The concept of Folding Story isn't a new one and could easily be replicated on Google Docs, Zoho Writer, TodaysMeet, Wall Wisher, or any number of other collaborative communication tools. The slight advantage of Folding Story is that there is a list of story starters already in place.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PicLits - Inspired Picture Writing

PicLits is an interesting website that aims to provide inspiration for writing short stories. PicLits tries to accomplish this goal by providing users with images upon which they can build their writing. To get writers started, PicLits provides a list of words which can be dragged and dropped into sentence form. If you don't need a word list, you can select the "freestyle" option to begin free-form writing.

The idea of PicLits is not to write a full story within the images, but rather to use the images as the inspiration for longer pieces. Users of PicLits can create a free account in which to save their work.

If you like short personal narratives, make sure you read the about page on PicLits.

Applications for Education
PicLits could be a good source of inspiration for the reluctant writers in your classroom.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Brainstormer - Random Story Ideas

The Brainstormer is a random story idea generator. The Brainstormer has three wheels of words. Each click of the "random" button spins all three wheels. If you're struggling to develop an idea to start a fiction story simply click the "random" button to spin the wheels of the Brainstormer.

Applications for Education
The Brainstormer could be a good story starter for high school students. I spun the wheels of the Brainstormer many times and didn't find anything innappropriate for high school use, but quite a bit of the vocabulary
may be beyond elementary school students.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Myths and Legends Story Builder

Myths and Legends Story Creator is a fun website that students can use to create their own cartoon myth story. The Myths and Legends story creator is a more than just your typical drag and drop cartoon builder. Myths and Legends allows students to create sound effects to insert into their stories.

Beyond the story creator, Myths and Legends has a gallery of animated myths and legends from history. The historical myths and legends are professionally built stories students can view. There is also a gallery of stories submitted by students.

Applications for Education
The Myths and Legends story creator could be a fun and engaging way to get students to write fiction stories. The galleries of Myths and Legends provide models that students could follow or draw inspiration from.

Thanks to Twitter user Georgygrrl for the link to Myths and Legends.