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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flashcard Stash - Create Online Vocabulary Flashcards to Share With Your Students

Flashcard Stash is a free vocabulary flashcard service for teachers and students. The service makes it easy to quickly create flashcards and sets of flashcards. As a registered user of Flashcard Stash when you type a word into a blank flashcard suggested definitions and sample context sentences are provided to you. You can then choose to add one or all of those definitions and sentences to your flashcard or you can write your own definitions and sentences. When making your own flashcards you can include images. If you don't have time to create your own flashcards you can choose to work with some of the pre-made lists of flashcards.

Teachers registered on Flashcard Stash can create flashcard sets to share with their students. Teachers can create and manage multiple class lists within their accounts. Sharing class lists can be done by inviting students to view the flashcards via email or by posting a password-protected link to the lists on a class blog. The second method requires students to remember the password that you have created to access the list. Word lists can also be embedded into blogs or websites.

Students who are registered on Flashcard Stash can create as many sets of flashcards as they like. Students can also study pre-made lists like "100 words you need to know." When students are reviewing their flashcards they have a few ways to look at their cards. They can simply flip through cards in a "learning mode." The "learning mode" shows student their words on the left of the screen and the definition on the right of the screen. Clicking on the "stash this flashcard" tab on the card in "learning mode" reveals sentences that use the word. In "practice mode" students are shown a word from their lists and a set of definitions, they have to match the correct definition to the word they're seeing. "Match Game" is a faster paced version of "practice mode." 

Applications for Education
While it is not the fanciest looking flashcard service on the web, Flashcard Stash does provide some good options to students and teachers. I particularly like the option to create my own set of flashcards to share with my classes. 

Flashcard Stash does require students to have email addresses in order to create their own accounts. That's the only complaint that I have about the service. But as you can see above, you can embed the flashcards into your blog so that your students could see the words there.