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Friday, July 1, 2022

How to Use Custom Fonts in Google Forms to Improve Readability

One of last week's most popular posts was about the news of Google adding new font customization options to Google Forms. Like all updates to Google Workspace tools, the new font customization options were immediately available to some users and not others. It took about a week for the new options to appear in my Google accounts. If you haven't seen the new Google Forms font customization options, take a look this short video I made to demonstrate how to use them. 

Applications for Education
The Lexend family of fonts is now an option in Google Forms. Lexend fonts are designed to improve the accessibility of writing by reducing visual stress. You can learn more about these fonts here and on

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Tips on Word Art, Fonts, and Special Characters in Google Docs and Slides

Earlier this week I received an email from a reader who wanted some advice to pass along to colleagues about using custom fonts in Google Docs. I made this short video to lend some assistance. Before you watch the video there are a few things to note about fonts in Google Docs and Slides. 

Unfortunately, without using a third-party add-on there isn't a way to upload fonts into Google Docs and Slides from outside of the Google Workspace ecosystem. That said, there are more than 400 fonts available in the fonts drop-down menu in Google Docs and Slides. 

Word Art in Google Slides lets you create text that automatically resizes when you click and drag on the corners around it. Word Art can also be customized with border and fill colors as well as border dashes and dots. 

Special characters in Google Docs and Slides are found in the "insert" drop-down menu. This is where you can find things like emoticons, musical symbols, accent marks, and lots of little icons. 

Watch this video to learn more about using Word Art, fonts, and special characters in Google Docs and Slides.