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Thursday, July 31, 2014

NPS Digital Image Archives - Find Public Domain Images and Videos of National Parks

In a post earlier today I shared the news that Fotopedia is shutting down. Fotopedia was a good place to find great images of U.S. National Parks. The National Parks Service's Digital Image Archive is an alternative place to find images of U.S. National Parks. You can search the archive by park and or subject. All of the images are free to download as they are in the public domain.

The National Parks Service also offers a b-roll video gallery. The videos in the galleries are in the public domain. The b-roll video gallery can be searched by park, monument, building, or person. All of the videos can be downloaded. Some files are quite large so keep that in mind if your school has bandwidth limits and you have all of your students searching for videos at the same time.

Applications for Education
The NPS Digital Image Archives could be a good resource for students to access when they need scenic imagery to use in slide presentations, in video projects, or in image-based stories created with tools like Pic-Collage, PicMonkey, and ThingLink.

Fotopedia Is Shutting Down - A Few Alternatives

Since its launch in 2009 Fotopedia has been one of my favorite places to see beautiful picture stories about national parks and natural wonders. Unfortunately, Fotopedia has just announced that it will shut down on August 10. The web service and all of the beautiful Fotopedia iPad apps will stop working on August 10th. If you have any pictures stored on Fotopedia, download them before August 10th.

Storehouse is a nice possible replacement to the Fotopedia reporter app.

To find other imagery of national parks and natural wonders, visit Google Street View Special Collections and the World Wonders Project.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fotopedia Reporter Lets You Create Beautiful, Geo-located Digital Stories

Since its launch a few years ago Fotopedia has been a great place to view images of nature. One of my favorite iPad apps is the Fotopedia National Parks app in which I browse great imagery of some of my favorite places. This week Fotopedia introduced a new service that allows you to create your own beautiful picture stories.

Fotopedia Reporter, available for use online and as an iPad app, lets you upload pictures and geo-locate them to create digital stories. When you use Fotopedia Reporter you create digital booklets of your images. When you upload an image you can add a description to it, center it on a map, and link to a Wikipedia entry about the place or thing featured in your picture. All stories must have at least six images plus a cover image.

Applications for Education
Fotopedia Reporter could be a fantastic tool to have your students use to create digital booklets about places that they study in a geography lesson.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Fotopedia National Parks App is Stunning!

Last week I installed the Fotopedia National Parks app on my iPad. The imagery in the app is simply stunning. Beyond the imagery the app offers photo-stories based on the imagery of the national parks in the app. And just like on the Fotopedia website each image is linked to a related Wikipedia entry.

Fotopedia offers ten other iPad apps including an app featuring UNESCO World Heritage sites. I installed the World Heritage sites app and found it to be every bit as good as the National Parks app.

Applications for Education
Browsing through the imagery in the Fotopedia apps could be a good way for students to learn a little bit about different parts of the world. You could focus students' browsing by asking them to identify geological features and or significant landmarks.

You could also have students use the Fotopedia Wild Friends app to view, discover, and learn about animals from all over the world.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Try Fotopedia for Lessons About Wildlife

Fotopedia is a collaborative photo encyclopedia that hosts high-quality images whose subjects are matched to Wikipedia articles. For subjects that don't have a Wikipedia entry the community can build one. Some images are linked to a map so that you can see where the image was taken. You will find that some Fotopedia contributions are Creative Commons-licensed and others are not.

Fotopedia offers a variety of iPad and iPhone apps arranged around various themes of Fotopedia images.

Applications for Education
A few nights ago I browsed Fotopedia for a Creative Commons-licensed picture of a Zebra (it was part of a how-to booklet I'm building). While browsing through the images I realized that browsing Fotopedia could be a great visual way for students to discover information about animals. For example, when I was browsing the collection of Zebra images I was able to read the article about Zebras, click and see where the images were captured, and then jump into browsing images and information about where those images were captured. In the Zebra example I went from looking at pictures of Zebras to browsing pictures of Tanzania and reading about habit in Tanzania.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Explore Nat Geo Traveler and Fotopedia on Your iPad

As I've mentioned in the past, Fotopedia is a great place to explore fantastic images of all kinds of wild places like National Parks. Now Fotopedia has partnered with National Geographic Traveler to bring you Dreams of Burma on your iPad. Dreams of Burma contains more than one thousand images of the places and people that make Burma unique.

Fotopedia also offers an app called Fotopedia Heritage. Fotopedia Heritage features more than 25,000 images of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Each image is accompanied by descriptions of each place. Robert Scoble wrote this in his review of the app, "It's kind of like a new kind of atlas with thousands of photos at your fingertips." Learn more about the app in the video below.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Great Way to Learn About National Parks

Fotopedia is a visual encyclopedia that matches high quality images to Wikipedia articles. Recently I received a press release about Fotopedia's new iPad app featuring US National Parks imagery. The iPad app is not free so I didn't pay much attention to it, but it did get me to explore the free National Parks images on the Fotopedia website.

US National Parks is a Fotopedia project containing more than 4000 quality images and 1200 articles about US National Parks. You can browse through the project or refine your browsing to a specific national park or to a state. Each image is accompanied by an article related to the national park and or feature of the national park in which the image was captured.

Applications for Education
US National Parks on Fotopedia could be a great resource for students to visually explore US National Parks. Some of the images in Fotopedia are Creative Commons licensed so your students could reuse them in their own multimedia projects about US National Parks.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Fotopedia - Collaborative Photo Encyclopedia

Fotopedia is a new service that matches photos to Wikipedia articles. The matching aspect is similar to that of Visual Wikipedia and Navify. What makes Fotopedia different is all of the images are contributed by the community of users and matched to articles by users of Fotopedia. To contribute to Fotopedia you have to register, but to just browse the images and articles doesn't require registration.

Browsing through Fotopedia this afternoon I realized one clear advantage of Fotopedia over Navify is the quantity and quality of images. For every topic I clicked on there was at least a half dozen very good images matching a Wikipedia article.

Applications for Education
Fotopedia could be a good place to find visual aids to complement your classroom instruction. Fotopedia has a mix of Creative Commons images and copyrighted images so if you're looking for images for publication, make sure you check the licensing.

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