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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fotopedia Is Shutting Down - A Few Alternatives

Since its launch in 2009 Fotopedia has been one of my favorite places to see beautiful picture stories about national parks and natural wonders. Unfortunately, Fotopedia has just announced that it will shut down on August 10. The web service and all of the beautiful Fotopedia iPad apps will stop working on August 10th. If you have any pictures stored on Fotopedia, download them before August 10th.

Storehouse is a nice possible replacement to the Fotopedia reporter app.

To find other imagery of national parks and natural wonders, visit Google Street View Special Collections and the World Wonders Project.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fotopedia Reporter Lets You Create Beautiful, Geo-located Digital Stories

Since its launch a few years ago Fotopedia has been a great place to view images of nature. One of my favorite iPad apps is the Fotopedia National Parks app in which I browse great imagery of some of my favorite places. This week Fotopedia introduced a new service that allows you to create your own beautiful picture stories.

Fotopedia Reporter, available for use online and as an iPad app, lets you upload pictures and geo-locate them to create digital stories. When you use Fotopedia Reporter you create digital booklets of your images. When you upload an image you can add a description to it, center it on a map, and link to a Wikipedia entry about the place or thing featured in your picture. All stories must have at least six images plus a cover image.

Applications for Education
Fotopedia Reporter could be a fantastic tool to have your students use to create digital booklets about places that they study in a geography lesson.