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Monday, October 31, 2016

A Thorough Video Overview of the French Revolution

In my previous post I shared the new TED-Ed lesson about the French Revolution. That video lesson is fine as an introduction in a middle school classroom. For a much more in-depth video lesson on the French Revolution students should turn to Tom Richey. Tom offers a thirteen part series on the French Revolution. The series was designed for students reviewing for the AP European History exam.

If you are going to share these videos with your students, I recommend also introducing them to either VideoNotes or Vialogues. VideoNotes and Vialogues let students take notes while watching a video. VideoNotes will integrate with G Suite for Education and allow students to share their notes through Google Drive.

A Short Introduction to the French Revolution

What Caused the French Revolution? is the title and topic of a new TED-Ed lesson. Like most TED-Ed lessons, the video provides a brief overview of the key points you'd find in a typical middle school or high school history textbook. The lesson introduces students to the three Estates of pre-revolution France, the National Assembly, and the storming of the Bastille. And, of course, the lesson introduces Napoleon. The video is embedded below.

Try Vizia or EDpuzzle to build interactive questions into this video lesson.

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