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Thursday, August 6, 2020

A Timeline for Transitioning to the "New" Version of Google Sites

The new version of Google Sites has been out since 2016 and since 2016 Google has continually told users that the "new version" would become the default version "soon." Four years later they're still telling us to get ready for the day when the "new" version is the only option. The latest reminder of that landed in my inbox this morning in the form of a message for G Suite domain administrators to make sure they've enabled the new version of Google Sites in their domains.

The email from Google also reminded domain administrators of the timeline for transitioning to the new version of Google Sites. Here's that timeline:
  • August 2020 - New Sites will become the default option for website creation.
  • Starting May 2021 - New website creation will no longer be available in classic Sites. This means that any new websites created in the organization will only be in new Sites.
  • Starting October 2021 - Editing of remaining classic Sites will be disabled.
  • Starting December 2021 - When users try to visit a classic Site, they will no longer see the website content. Any remaining classic Sites will automatically be:
    • Downloaded as an archive and saved to the site owner’s Google Drive.
    • Replaced with a draft in the new Sites experience for site owners to review and publish.

If you don't want to transition your old Google Site into the new version, follow the steps in this tutorial

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Google Drive Priority Page Now Available for All G Suite Accounts

Earlier this year Google began rolling-out a "priority page" in Google Drive for some G Suite accounts that were on the "rapid release" program. Today, Google announced that all G Suite accounts are now eligible for and will begin to appear in all Google Drive accounts.

Priority Page in Google Drive is a feature that will display what Google's algorithm determines to be your most important files at any given moment. This is largely files that have recently been shared with you for commenting and editing or files you've recently shared for the same purpose. From the Priority Page you will be able to see new comments without having to open the file in a separate tab or window.

Google's announcement said that the Priority Page will appear now or in the next few days in all accounts. So far only one of my three Google accounts shows a Priority Page in Google Drive.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Six G Suite Updates You Might Have Missed in March

Every month Google rolls out new features for G Suite and many of their other products. Some of those updates are irrelevant for teachers and students while others can have a direct impact on how teachers and students use their favorite Google products. If you want to see every update that Google makes to G Suite throughout the month, follow the G Suite Updates Blog. But if you prefer to trust me to filter and pass along the relevant updates, here's what I think were the Google product updates that were relevant for teachers and students.

  • You can now use your own VR tours in Google Expeditions
    • You can use Google's VR Tour Creator through your G Suite account if your domain administrator has enabled it. Those tours can now be used in the Android and iOS versions of Google Expeditions. I wrote about this update and included tutorials here

Friday, September 7, 2018

How to Add a Classwork Section to Older Google Classroom Classes

Last night Google released two new features for Google Classroom. The first was the option to add materials into the Classwork section of your Google Classroom classes without making assignments. The second was the option to update your older Google Classroom classes to include a Classwork section. If you have Google Classroom classes that you want to update to include the Classwork section found in new Google Classroom classes, watch my new video to learn how to do it.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Calendar of G Suite Updates

As I've said many times over the years, it can be a challenge to keep up with all of the updates that Google makes to G Suite throughout the year. Fortunately, What's New in G Suite has a calendar of updates. The calendar includes updates for the rapid release track and the scheduled release track (that's the track that most schools are on). Click on any item in the calendar to read the full details of the update including who the update will affect.