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Saturday, March 14, 2020

How to Schedule and Host Google Hangouts Meet Events - Video

Last week I published a series of screenshots illustrating how to schedule and host Google Hangouts Meet events. For those who would like to see the whole process in a video format, I recorded the following tutorial video. In How to Create Google Hangouts Meet Events you'll see two methods for creating events and inviting your students to join those events.

Take a look at my PDF Tips and Tools for Teaching Remotely for more tools and ideas for online instruction.

Friday, March 6, 2020

How to Schedule, Host, and Customize Google Hangouts Meet Events

Last night I published Tips and Tools for Teaching Remotely. This morning I had an email from someone who read that and wanted to know if I had any tutorials on using Google Hangouts Meet. I didn't so I quickly made the following set of screenshots before my own class starts today. I'll try to make a video of this process later today, but for now these screenshots should get you started.

Step 1: Create a new event in Google Calendar. 

Step 2: Enable Hangouts Meet in your Google Calendar event. 

Step 3: Share the details for joining your Hangouts Meet event. Hangouts Meet should give you a link as well as a pin code for those who want to dial into your meeting. An easy way to do this is to post the link in Google Classroom.

Step 4: At the scheduled time go to and launch your meeting. 

You can share your meeting details with anyone even after the meeting has started. 

Step 5: Make sure your camera and microphone are working. 

Step 6: Enable captions for your meeting. You'll find this option by clicking on the little menu that appears in the upper, right corner of your webcam screen. 

Step 7: Customize the layout for your meeting or let Google automatically adjust it as people join. 

Step 8: Click "Present" to share your screen. 

Step 9: Click the red hang-up button to end the meeting.