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Monday, May 7, 2012

Google Drive and Docs for Teachers - Free eBook

Last month I published a free ebook titled Google Documents for Teachers. Just two weeks later Google released Google Drive and made Google Documents a part of Google Drive. Therefore, I had to update my ebook. I present to you now, Google Drive and Documents for Teachers. The document is hosted on You can download it from there as a PDF Update: I have stopped allowing downloads of this document because too many people were not honoring Creative Commons licensing. After seeing my documents downloaded and used by people for profit, I decided to stop giving away the downloads.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Add Data Visualizations to Your Google Site

If you're a Google Docs users, and especially if you're a user of spreadsheets in Google Docs, you probably know that Google Docs has some nice data visualization tools built into it. Starting today you can use many of those same visualizations in Google Sites. To do this just open the "insert" menu in Google Sites, select "charts," then select the data set you want to create a visualization of. Visit the Google Docs Blog to learn more about this new option in Google Sites.

Applications for Education
Give students a big spreadsheet or large unorganized data set and they might sit and wonder what to do with it. Take that same data and put it into a easy-to-read graphic and they can do a lot more with it. If you use Google Sites for your course website now, it just got easier to give students accessible data to work with.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Google Maps for Educators - A How-to Guide

So you may have used Google Maps to look at your house and find directions to a new restaurant in the city, but have you ever considered developing your own maps in Google Maps? Or have you had students create a map based on a book they read? Have you had students calculate distances and areas using Google Maps? Have you considered having students record local history in an interactive map? If you have ever wondered how to do these things, this guide to Google Maps is for.

Last week I published a couple of other Google guides that may be of interest to you.
Google Books for Educators
An Introduction to Advanced Google Search

You can find nearly thirty text and video tutorials for using Google products on my Google Tutorials page.