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Monday, November 30, 2015

Polar Bears in Street View, Polar Bear Tracker, and Polar Bear Lesson Plans

Earlier today the Google Maps Blog featured Street View imagery captured by conservation organizations that are studying the effects of climate change on plants and animals. One of those organizations is Polar Bears International. I've written about some of PBI's work in the past and I think that this is a good time to revisit what PBI offers to teachers and students.

Polar Bears International offers a set of extensive lesson plans designed to help students learn about polar bears and their habitat. One of those lesson plans is called Street View and Polar Bears. In  Street View and Polar Bears students use Google Maps to explore the geography, geology, and ecosystem of the tundra around Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. At the end of the lesson students should be able to answer questions like "what are the characteristics of the subarctic tundra?" and "what would be some of the considerations for the construction of buildings, schools, houses, etc. in the subarctic?"

Bear Tracker is another feature of the Polar Bears International website. The Bear Tracker plots the travels of collared polar bears in Hudson Bay and the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska. You can view the travel paths of one or all of the bears on each map. The map also offers play the travel paths recorded over time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Views of Venice - Art Added to Street View Imagery of Venice

Keir Clarke, owner of Google Maps Mania, has created a neat mashup of art and Street View imagery. Views of Venice allows you to see artwork depicting scenes of Venice layered over current Street View imagery of Venice. To access the imagery just click on the menu button on Views of Venice to choose a piece of art and see it in its geo-located context.

Applications for Education
Views of Venice reminds me a bit of the concept behind History Pin in which historical imagery is added to Google Maps Street View. Views of Venice only contains fourteen images at this time. It is still a good example of how Google Maps can be used to provide greater context for students when they are learning about art and artifacts. You could have students learn about the geographical and context of art by having them add images to Google Maps placemarks through Google Maps Engine Lite.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Take an Automatically Guided Google Street View Trip

Over the short vacation that I took last week the Google Maps Streetview Player received high marks in reviews by Larry Ferlazzo and Keir Clarke so I had to try it for myself. The Google Maps Streetview Player was developed by Brian Folts. The purpose of the player is to allow you to plan a route on Google Maps and watch it carried out in Street View without having to click along the route. To use the Google Maps Streetview Player just enter a starting point and an ending point then press play. When you press play the Streetview Player will take you along the route. You can pause, rewind, and fast-forward at any time. There is also an experimental option to download a video of the route as it is played out.

Applications for Education
Use your school as the starting point and ask your students to pick interesting destinations. Then have your students guess which landmarks might be spotted along a route that you choose as a class. To see if their guesses were correct or not play the tour in the Google Maps Streetview Player. This could be a review activity in an elementary school or middle school geography lesson.

The Google Maps Streetview Player could also be helpful to students who may have difficulty clicking through a Street View route using a mouse.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Google Maps is Going Into the Woods

Today, was supposed to be the day that Google revolutionized mapping with the release of new Google Maps features. While their announcement today wasn't as exciting as I hoped, I was hoping for new map creation tools, they did unveil some interesting new things.

As someone who really enjoys spending time in the great outdoors (I live in a town of 650), I was happy to read that Google Maps Street View is taking to the woods. Street View Trekker is Google's new backpack-mounted equipment that will capture "Street Views" of trails in places like the Grand Canyon and other national parks.

Android users will be happy to learn that soon you will be able to Google Maps will be available for offline use on your devices.

Finally, new 3D imagery is being rolled-out for Google Earth and Google Maps. The imagery is based on the pictures captured by Google for use in their 45 degree views. The video below gives a good, quick demonstration of this imagery.

Applications for Education
I'm excited about the prospect of having Street View imagery of the trails in national parks. The current Street View imagery in national parks is limited to park roads. Being able to see trail imagery will provide students with a better look at the nature of national parks.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tour the White House's Interior in Google Maps

Through Google Maps Mania I recently learned that you can now take an interior tour of the White House in Google Maps Street View. To access the interior views just zoom-in on the White House then drag the Pegman onto the White House. Blue lines will appear on the White House wherever interior views are available. Google Maps Mania has put together a nice list of links to take you directly to some of the rooms in the White House. I've embedded the view of the library below.

View Larger Map

Applications for Education
The White House's own website does offer an interactive tour, but the quantity and quality of the imagery is not nearly as good as the new Street View imagery. If you want to give your students a look inside the White House, open up the new White House Street View imagery in Google Maps.