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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Three New Flippity Templates to Try

Flippity is one of my go-to recommendations for anyone looking to make interesting things with Google Sheets. A couple of days ago I published a video about Flippity's new board game template. That's not the only new template recently added to Flippity's catalog of offerings. The other new templates on Flippity are an updated progress tracker, a self assessment quiz template, and a renamed spelling game template. 

Flippity's updated progress tracker template is simply called Leader Board. It replaces the old progress tracker template that Flippity offered. The Leader Board displays names, avatars, and points. You input the progress or scores into your Google Sheet and Flippity will generate the leader board on a stand-alone webpage that you can share.

The self assessment quiz template from Flippity lets you create an online game in which players answer multiple choice questions and are then told something about themselves based on those answers. The example that Flippity provides is a quiz that tells you what kind of Lord of the Rings character you are.

The third new template on Flippity isn't really new. It's actually a rename and slight redesign of their old hangman template. The hangman template is gone and is replaced by a melting snowman template. Players guess the letters in a mystery word. If they answer incorrectly, the snowman melts a little bit. The goal is to spell the mystery word before the snowman completely melts. Try it here.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Create Your Own Mobile-friendly Random Name Picker

For many years now Flippity has offered a Google Sheets template that you can use to create your own random name picker. It's quick and easy to use. You can use it by going to Flippity's website and making a copy of the template or by using Flippity's Google Sheets add-on. Either way you simply have to write in the names that want to appear in the random picker and then hit the publish button on your sheet. This morning the Flippity developers announced that the random name picker is now mobile-friendly.

Flippity's random name picker can be used for more than just selecting names. You can also use it to create random groupings of students and to create seating charts. Watch my new video below to learn how to use Flippity's random name picker template. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

How to Create Individualized Online Spelling Games for Your Students

Last Sunday I published a written overview of how to use Flippity's Spelling Words template to create individualized online spelling games for your students. The template can be accessed from or through the Google Sheets add-on of the same name. I fielded a handful of questions about the template this week. To answer those questions I made the following tutorial video.

As I wrote earlier this week, Flippity Spelling Words games has three primary modes for students. The first is "list" which simply reads each spelling word aloud to students. The second mode is "practice" in which students hear a word read aloud and then have to type it. The third mode is "quiz" mode in which students again hear the words read aloud and have to type them. It is quiz scores that you can have emailed to you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Flippity's Google Sheets Add-on is Back!

On Monday I shared an update from Flippity about their Google Sheets add-on being broken and taken offline because the deprecation of the service. This morning I woke up to the news that Flippity's Google Sheets add-on is back. Not only is it back, it's better than ever before!

Flippity's updated Google Sheets add-on now automatically publishes for you. In the old version you had to open the File menu then select "publish to web" and then paste the publish URL into Flippity's template. Now you simply use your chosen template and the URL is automatically generated for you. In fact, the URL is front and center for you as soon as you pick a template.

The automatic publishing of templates should make Flippity easier than ever for new users. I worked with lots of teachers over the years who forgot to manually publish their Flippity activities and then wondered why students couldn't access the activities.

For those who are not familiar with Flippity, it is a free service that provides twenty Google Sheets templates that you can use to create things like online word games, multimedia flashcards, progress trackers, and random name selectors.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Important Information for Fans of Flippity

Flippity is one my favorite Google Sheets add-ons. I probably refer people to it more than any other individual Google Sheets add-on. I do that because Flippity's Google Sheets add-on provides twenty templates for making useful things within Google Sheets without having to be a scripting master. Some of the things Flippity can be used to create include word games, multimedia flashcards, progress trackers, and random name selectors.

This morning the official Flippity Twitter account posted an important update. The update is that the Flippity Google Sheets add-on was broken by the deprecation of the URL shortener. That's the bad news. The good news is that an updated version is on its way. The updated version has been submitted to Google for review. In the meantime, you can still use the Flippity templates by going to and selecting "template" on any of the templates that you want to use. When you click "template" on Flippity a copy of the template will be opened in your Google Sheets account.

Watch my video to see how you can use Flippity's templates without using the Google Sheets add-on.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

My Five Favorite Google Sheets Add-ons

Last week and through the beginning of this week I have been featuring my favorite Google Docs, Slides, and Forms add-ons. Today, it is time to share my favorite Google Sheets add-ons. These aren't necessarily the most popular add-ons, but they are the ones that I think of first whenever I'm asked for recommendations for Sheets add-ons to try.

Flippity provides teachers with twenty handy Google Sheets templates for creating things like quiz games, audio flashcards, and progress trackers. Flippity's Google Sheets Add-on that makes all of their templates available with just a couple of clicks in any of your Google Sheets. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to install and use Flippity's Google Sheets Add-on.

Flubaroo is not as popular as it once was, but it is still a great Google Sheets add-on. Flubaroo you grade all at once all of your students' responses to a quiz created in Google Forms. You're probably saying to yourself, "Google Forms does that too." You're right Google Forms does do that, but Flubaroo lets you do more than just grade quizzes. You can use it do things to print score sheets for your students, give students digital badges, and give partial credit for answers. Take a look at this video for an overview of ten things you can do with Flubaroo.

Online Rubric is a Google Spreadsheets Add-on that enables to you create rubrics, enter scores, and email scores to students all from one place. Online Rubric provides very clear instructions for each step of the processes of creating a roster sheet, creating a rubric, and emailing grades to students. The video below provides a demonstration of how to use the Online Rubric Add-on.

Add Reminders is a Google Sheets Add-on that will set-up your spreadsheet so that you simply enter reminder messages and email addresses then specify a date on which you want your reminders sent. The Add Reminders Add-on allows you to send the same reminder to everyone in your email list or you can send individualized reminders to everyone in your email list. Watch the video below to learn how to use the Add Reminders Add-on.

If you're the person in charge of scheduling conference room, computer lab, library, or science lab use, Lab Scheduler is the Add-on for you. This little Add-on will give your Google Sheet an easy-to-follow template for coordinating room use without the need to make a zillion entries in a Google Calendar. Share the Sheet with your staff as view-only so they can see who has reserved a lab.

Monday, May 7, 2018

What's Going On With Flippity? - I Found Out for You

A few weeks ago I was giving a presentation that included a demonstration of Flippity's Google Sheets Add-on. A few minutes after the presentation a bunch of people told me that they received a security warning when they tried to install the Add-on. (I hadn't seen the message because it was a new development since I installed the Add-on). Since then I've fielded a bunch of emails and Facebook messages from folks who were experiencing the same thing.

I reached out to Flippity's developer to find out what was going on. In short, he is aware of the issue of the app not being verified and is working on resolving it (like many of our favorite tools, Flippity is developed by one person).

In the meantime you can still use all of the Flippity templates by just going to and then making a copy of any of the templates. Flippity currently offers sixteen Google Sheets templates that you can use for things like making multimedia flashcards, creating progress trackers, developing quiz games, and writing Mad Libs.

Monday, January 9, 2017

How to Quickly Access Ten Google Sheets Templates for Teachers

Flippity is a great resource for G Suite users that I have been sharing with readers for a couple of years now. Flippity provides teachers with handy Google Sheets templates for creating things like quiz games, audio flashcards, and progress trackers. Recently, Flippity released a Google Sheets Add-on that makes all of their templates available with just a couple of clicks in any of your Google Sheets. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to install and use Flippity's Google Sheets Add-on.

Thanks to Eileen Fernandez-Parker for the inspiration for this post.

Track Progress Toward Goals With This Google Sheets Template

This morning I received an email from a subscriber to the Practical Ed Tech newsletter. She had read my tip of the week about using Google Keep to set goal reminders, but she needed something that would be easier to manage with a large group of students. My suggestion was to try Flippity's Progress Indicator template for Google Sheets. The template makes it easy to create a progress chart that will update whenever you update the data in your spreadsheet. In the video embedded below I provide an overview of how to use Flippity's Progress Indicator template.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Create MadLibs Through Google Sheets

Flippity is my favorite place to find templates for creating neat things in Google Sheets. A MadLibs story generator is one of the cool templates you'll find on Flippity. Flippity's MadLibs template lets you create a series of MadLibs-style stories for your students to complete online (see a demo here).

To create a MadLibs-style story generator first select the template on the Flippity homepage. Then you'll be asked to make a copy of the template in your Google Sheets account. Once you've made the copy you can edit the template by writing your own stories into the spreadsheet cells. To define variables, those are the parts your students will complete, simply place brackets around the words "verb, noun, adjective, place, name, or number." For example, if I want students to fill in a noun in the story I'd write [noun] in the spreadsheet cell in which I'm creating my story. When your completed work is published your students will see something like this on which they'll complete the MadLibs story.

Applications for Education
Using your MadLibs-style stories could be a fun way for your students to practice identifying parts of speech. When they use verb instead of a noun in a MadLibs-style story, the story doesn't make quite as much sense as it should have.

If you have students that are comfortable using spreadsheets, they could use the Flippity template to create and share their own MadLibs-style story templates to share.