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Friday, September 6, 2019

Mindful Internet Use - A Chrome Extension to Make You Think About Your Habits

On Thursday morning I shared a TED Talk given by Dr. Judson Brewer. The talk was about using mindfulness practices to break a bad habit. This morning I came across a Chrome extension that employs that same concept to help people break or curtail the habit of wasting time mindlessly browsing the Internet.

Mindful Internet Use is a Chrome extension that instead of blocking you from viewing time-wasting websites it reminds of the time you're wasting viewing those websites. You can set Mindful Internet Use to display a motivational quote, a reminder, or a question at preset time intervals. For example, I set it to display the question, "are you doing something meaningful or are you wasting your time?" every fifteen minutes across all of the social media sites on which I have accounts. You can also set the extension to display quotes or questions on every site that you visit.

Applications for Education
Mindful Internet Use could be a great extension for any high school or college student who is prone to wasting time when he or she should be working on a research project or studying. I find that it's while working on a research task that students are prone to falling into the trap of saying "I'll just check this social media site for a minute" and before they know it they've wasted twenty minutes.

Friday, November 7, 2008

An Interesting Look at the Way We Search

I'm not sure what the greater implications of this video are for education, but it is interesting. In this video the red dots and red lines represent the eye movements of the average Internet user when looking through the results of a Google search. The video is part of a study conducted by Google to gain insight into the habits of searchers. Google has redesigned parts of their advanced search page based on the study. You can read more about the study on the Official Google Blog.