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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Poetry Projects With Haiku Deck

April is poetry month. Haiku Deck has published a list of twelve ideas for using Haiku Deck in poetry lessons. While I wasn't crazy about every idea on the list (that's more a reflection of my style than it is of list) there are two ideas that jumped out at me. Both ideas utilize Haiku Deck's integrated image search to help students find images to match the main ideas of their poems.

First grade students in Meghan Zigmond's classroom used Haiku Deck to create poems about animals.

Fourth grade students in a classroom with one shared iPad collaborated to create poems about color. Their teacher, Daisy Marino, shares information about the process here.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Send a Message to Mars In the Form Of a Haiku

NASA's MAVEN mission will launch later this year. Earlier this year NASA hosted a student art contest through which students could have their work sent to Mars. Last week NASA opened a MAVEN Haiku contest. The contest will select three Haikus to send on the MAVEN mission.

Applications for Education
To enter the contest you have to be 18 or have a parent or teacher make the submission on your behalf. This could be a fun poetry-writing activity to combine with a lesson on space exploration.